Who is tiffany taylor dating

The above outfit on the far right is the actual packaging when it went to market. Notice how the 1976 box changed, as shown in the 1976 Ideal Buyers Catalog. The flower on this shimmery silver gown (left) is the same flower that Look Around Crissy has on the waistband of her long jewel-toned gown.The fashion on the right is made from the same red gingham that Velvet's "Checker Check" is made with.

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Still, it's very nice to acquire such a hard to find item!

The back of the box is the same as other clothing boxes in that it shows the outfits in the collection, illustrated in black and white.

Often confused with her counterpart, Tuesday Taylor, this doll is big! (Tuesday Taylor also had hair that functioned like Tiffany's but she was the size of Mattel's Barbie Doll.) Tiffany had a beautiful collection of clothes, suitable for a doll as gorgeous as she is.

Tiffany can be found in a variety of boxes as she was sold through the years.

It has also been found in a couple shades of light green, as shown on the right. But perhaps the hardest to find item for Tiffany is her "mink" coat.

It is made from dark brown faux fur and faux leather (vinyl).

Besides, Tiffany was enjoying new popularity in 1974, just as Crissy was being phased out of production at Ideal.

So in reality, she couldn't have been part of the family.

This one was acquired in its original, though dilapidated box.

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