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English novelist Samuel Richardson sought to bring respectability to his art in the form of This moralizing expressed itself in another literary form as well.Children’s books, such as there were, also tended toward the moralistic and didactic, in attempts to steer their readers away from the dangers of what was then called “enthusiasm.” “Prior to the mid-eighteenth century,” notes the UCLA Children’s Book Collection—a digital repository of over 1800 children’s books dating from 1728 to 1999—“books were rarely created specifically for children, and children’s reading was generally confined to literature intended for their education and moral edification rather than for their amusement.She provided the artwork for posters for all kinds of events, and exhibited her work in a prestigious gallery in New York City.

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If you Google Pamela Colman Smith, you might uncover speculation about her sexual orientation.

What you don’t find is pretty much anything about her romantic life.

Frank Jensen points out, “…but at that time it was not unusual that two single women lived together to support each other and share expenses, without it necessarily indicating lesbianism.” Yes, one of her best friends was Edith Craig [pictured in the ‘pirates’ sketch above] who a lesbian.

Yes, her circle of friends did encompass many men and women who were homosexuals. Yes, she did design feminist political posters (during her activity in the women’s suffrage movement), and finally: yes, she never did marry.

Enter the UCLA collection, which includes not only historic children's books but present-day exhibit catalogs and more, here.

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Religious works, grammar books, and ‘courtesy books’ (which offered instruction on proper behavior) were virtually the only early books directed at children.” But a change was in the making in the middle of the century.

Meanwhile, the world of children’s literature also underwent a radical shift.

She grew up moving between Manchester, London, Brooklyn and Kingston.

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