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As a community Nazareth was nothing special – just a small village lying near the never mentioned capitol of Galilee, Sepphoris.

There was nothing in Scripture that connected it with messianic expectations.

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He has been compared to Michael Jackson and Usher 5.

..one knows how tall Chris young is exactly except Chris himself but all we know right now is that he is between 5 feet & 6 feet Chris answered this questions when interviewed by FROG radio, He's 6'4.i dont know maybe because he made the song "marvins room" which shows that he didnt want Alicia Keys to marry swizz beatz but he coulds have just made the song because he wanted to so we really don tknow Aston is the most favourite one out of jls.

The season of Epiphany (Ordinary Time) is a moment during which we pay attention to the ways in which God is manifested in Jesus.

Led by the star we come to pay homage to the one in whom God is made known (Matthew 2:1-2).

Nathaniel expresses the same skepticism that many of us have applied to this story.

But Philip isn’t deterred by Nathaniel’s less than enthusiastic embrace of his message.

In 2016, she began her European tour finishing up in the UK in early December.

2017 saw Dua release her debut self-titled album in early June featuring hit singles such as ' Hotter Than Hell', ' Be The One' and ' Blow Your Mind (Mwah)'.

He just says – “come and see.” Let your eyes and ears determine whether or not I’m right about this man who is teaching in the area.

Isn’t that the point of evangelism – not to convince with arguments but simply invite people to come and see what this faith is all about?

Surely, one should be looking to someone from a place more significant than Nazareth to be the redeemer of Israel, which may explain the importance that Luke and Matthew give to Bethlehem.

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