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Lowry continues to tour the United States performing his music and comedy concerts as well as recording music and comedy CD albums and videos.He records and publishes several i Pod podcasts, including Saturdays with Mark and Tony, a weekly podcast with Tony Campolo.Lowry's first video was Mark Lowry: My First Comedy Video made in 1988.

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Template: Multiple issues For the Arkansas politician, see Mark Lowery.

Mark Alan Lowry (born June 24, 1958) is a Christian comedian, songwriter, and singer, best known for co-writing the song "Mary, Did You Know?

With Buddy Greene, he co-wrote the song "Mary, Did You Know?

" The song has become a Christmas standard and has been recorded by himself as well as Kenny Rogers, Reba Mc Entire, Wynonna Judd, Donny Osmond, Natalie Cole and Michael English.

He sustained eleven broken bones, and spent a good deal of time in physical therapy recovering from the accident.

In 1984, Lowry wrote the lyrics to the song "Mary, Did You Know?

", when asked to write a script for a church Christmas play.

He wrote a series of questions that he would like to ask Mary, the mother of Jesus.

"But I believe what the Bible says and that the joy of the Lord is my strength and I'll make it.

When I made the commitment to do that, it does get easier."And once she made that decision, "I did get stronger and I did engage what they call faith. I don't know if I feel confident in me, but I had to come to some place in my life where I had to put what I preach about into action and prove it through," she said.

While attending Liberty Baptist College (now known as Liberty University), Lowry joined a college evangelistic team made of Charles Hughes and David Musselman and began singing. There would be an elongated pause in his singing performance while he waited for the soundtrack to be changed. He soon realized that the audiences at his performances were laughing not at him but at his monologues.

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