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It turns out that the problem was un-related to what I will discuss in this post but what we found as part of the investigation was very interesting and something worth sharing. That health check is part of a database maintenance job that runs daily and by default is scheduled to run at midnight.

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The Share Point log indicates it ran an update every day even though we have verified that the date the statistics were last updated was over a month ago.

Eric: I am not sure what is going on here but this is weird.

The hours of operation for the OSHA Docket Office are a.m. Therefore, the Agency cautions commenters about submitting statements they do not want made public, or submitting comments that contain personal information (either about themselves or others), such as social security numbers, birth dates, and medical data.

OSHA invites comments on all issues related to this notice of proposed rulemaking.

However, we learned that if a database is being backed up at the time the database maintenance job is running, the update statistics operation will be skipped.

Furthermore, we learned that it not just a full database backup that can cause the operation to be skipped but also a differential and transaction log backup as well.

This is an issue that I have encountered in many environments and never dug deeper until Greg started asking questions.

This issue is an important issue and under investigation by the product development team.

I was recently approached by an old friend and MCS colleague (Greg Moss) who was working on a special project for a mutual customer.

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