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If your car has multiple trouble codes (DTC's), it's always a good idea to fix them in the order they come up on the code reader.

Visually inspect the exhaust system for leaks, check the catalytic converter for dents, holes, severe discoloration, and check for a rattle inside.

If any of those symptoms are there, the converter likely needs replacement.

Other things could include exhaust leaks, damaged exhaust pipes, damaged O2 sensor wiring/connectors, plugged catalytic converter, etc.

The easiest thing to do first is a visual check of things.

OK, now tell me that again in plain English please....

let's break it down: the catalyst system being referred to is your three-way catalytic converter; so the catalytic converter is not working properly (i.e. Bank 1 refers to the side of the engine which contains cylinder #1.

On inline engines such as 4 & 5 cylinder engines, there is only one bank.

So, to really simply things let's just say that the efficiency of the catalytic converter and/or exhaust pipe and/or O2 sensor is not so great.

To start, we strongly recommend you seek the services of a professional mechanic/technician if you have any doubts as to whether you can perform the repair!

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