Unprotected web cameras

This happens through light scattered by the imaging mechanism itself, for example through internal reflection and scattering from material imperfections in the lens.Lenses with large numbers of elements such as zooms tend to exhibit greater lens flare, as they contain a relatively large number of interfaces at which internal scattering may occur.

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All have characteristics unique to the implementation, and some have very specific purpose-built uses." Now the use of mobile VPN technology on devices such as smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly common.

With the rollout of mobile banking apps, and with corporate email and authentication programs such as RSA's Secur ID tokens being pushed to mobile devices, secure communication is even more important than ever before.

"It is useful to know that there isn't just one type of VPN," Monkman said.

"There are SSL [secure socket layer] VPNs, IPSec [Internet Protocol security] VPNs, hybrid VPNs.

"Client VPNs allow individual users to connect to a central location via their mobile device or computer," Cole said.

"Once authenticated, they then have access to the main location's infrastructure.

Many of us use our smartphones and tablets to conduct sensitive transactions, but rarely think about whether or not the information is secure.

For that reason, Monkman pointed out, everyone should have the VPN capabilities on their mobile device activated.

Remote offices use VPN so that they connect to their main location securely by encrypting all the traffic through a VPN tunnel." MORE: Are Free VPN Apps Worth the Risk?

Experts Say No VPN technology has been available for regular PCs for almost two decades, and during that time, it's been diversified.

The haze makes the image look "washed out" by reducing contrast and color saturation (adding light to dark image regions, and adding white to saturated regions, reducing their saturation).

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