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It’s true that our initial list may be biased toward display advertising.

But we want to widen our lens to include everything from search, text messaging, radio ads, video and more.

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However, this is very much a preliminary list, one only meant to provoke feedback.

We now want to open the discussion to the wider community.

Millennial’s challenge is that its costs are relatively high, as its main business is in serving premium ads, not programmatic buying.

That raises the company’s costs, because it must pay for things like creative.

Millennial’s laser focus on mobile, though, may help it serve mobile sites and app developers at a time when Google is losing that focus.

Millennial is trying hard to innovate with mobile ad units, including going deep on video.Apple’s i OS is the second most popular smartphone OS behind Google’s Android, and Apple has the most successful app store when it comes to revenue. Well, Apple’s strong regulation of its ecosystem suggests it will be able to push its mobile advertising product, but the jury is still out.Apple hasn’t demonstrated that it can execute well in advertising.Phones continue to be a different beast thanks to their small screen. Millennial started out as one of the big pure-play mobile advertising companies, along with Admob.That leaves an opening for other players to serve parts of the smartphone market. Millennial has stuck it out, and is now the leading independent player in mobile outside of Google.This comes at a time when there’s a swing toward programmatic buying, which lowers costs considerably.

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