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Many thanks to Rails core, Rails contributors, and everyone else who’ve helped with code, documentation, bug reports, and whatever else to get Rails 5.2.0 out the door.

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Active Storage was extracted from Basecamp 3 by George Claghorn and yours truly.

So not only is the framework already used in production, it was born from production.

If you’d like to verify that your gem is the same as the one I’ve uploaded, please use these SHA-256 hashes.

Here are the checksums for 5.0.7: $ shasum -a 256 *-5.0.7c023d1df2fd6f5e1ac042ad6a0338e8a2c4d1404484f8fe77121b81f10b75f2c actioncable-5.0.75f9b12f26ae8906d20b9f4784644853121a3b03f74a396943677fc30f91c2e35 actionmailer-5.0.708e0d4582d1b37cc059aca1d19cd271e7bb575265093c4a99cb79d80dcb0d196 actionpack-5.0.7eb20007cc9ee40ee7a2f96147e9776394f72d59979b23da15f444a9906c17b8b actionview-5.0.7e8a15b73302c02352da9463b134daf037841fec7d5d5c2ec97487456f96bb8d5 activejob-5.0.7fe35b1bbfb140c7416723e3a7d7ef2a78e8921739863d8a917a93131e2b7cc87 activemodel-5.0.7c6349cd59e29118aaed5d4d2414e87b427affd28925b7fe1559cb45a21152366 activerecord-5.0.7a595a42311ea13ce994b1feea3325cbbb1ac5c0bf40cd96c89797882121da7fb activesupport-5.0.776815a2a7e99c83b53ea52325c5bbc5ca15e25ecdfb741ea329ca153cf11ff84 rails-5.0.7e08b95ec3dbb708f9d449a01c083c66d47ddba2f373e4a2fd1bde2c7a92fdb48 railties-5.0.7$ shasum -a 256 *-5.1.62e678b45852f242e5897a0d4e43dca1088fb3d5c350592b22768b502a085261f actioncable-5.1.6ecbc307e66102b1406fba38f6d7c869fd763cafa98b02fd4f6049fd41d663de9 actionmailer-5.1.68dcd333263bdea533de7ac8e087f530f20bde6167c3c02060b82630b90aee26f actionpack-5.1.60181e71b9d307425605c50aa70358148aa0dff270bf2e07dbb87acb3d3a7ddcd actionview-5.1.6a291963337402f3dcd5aee1dff3fd980256742bb0cfa06c47315257d11d69a0a activejob-5.1.67e3d2904a524a18c4f710a170243eac706279a36142289431d3c504df665c881 activemodel-5.1.61da0546d452cc9b25b900bc2616b57d1e41e24039c33466b46d7add27fdf13c7 activerecord-5.1.694d2f2a9fe1a7421165e0014eaa4c8eb2d229f72dc9815cf7c2f0c595f05b521 activesupport-5.1.6b8301a87151de3feb7cbdf57a66842bb668493f4cec464fd0f67d4c7173b6051 rails-5.1.6482a97c40ff61f4e8aed5f449a5f54fcb3890ddd53c3a7dc0efd02a9da139e79 railties-5.1.6It’s almost time for Rails Conf, and we’re determined to get the final version of Rails 5.2 released before then.

Out of the box, there’s support for Amazon’s S3, Google’s Cloud Storage, and Microsoft Azure Cloud File Storage.

If you’re dealing with images, you can create variants on the fly.

So here’s the hopefully last release candidate before that can happen.

We’ve put a ton of into ironing out all the issues with Active Storage in particular, now that more and more applications are starting to use it in production.

You can read in even more detail about everything that’s new in Rails 5.2 in the newly finished release notes.

Note that rails/master development is now targeting Rails 6.0.

You can configure a global default policy and then override it on a per-resource basis and even use lambdas to inject per-request values into the header such as account subdomains in a multi-tenant application. In addition, we’ve opened up the API underlying Credentials, so you can easily deal with other encrypted configurations, keys, and files.

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