Tired of crapy dating advice

Just don’t be sort of desperate as that is weak and it sends the signal that you can’t even do desperation well.4) Confidence!

— Plan ahead by preparing some interesting topics to talk about to avoid awkward silences as prolonged awkward silences on the first few dates spell disaster unless you’ve mutually agreed to mime.

If you aren’t quick witted or sharp on your feet, then you need to plan and prepare some material so you aren’t left floundering. If you do this well, she’ll be eating out of your hands, literally perhaps.7) Focus and Commitment!

Yet people still think it’s PC to dole out their two cents on dating, marriage, and everything in between.

Here are eight pieces of love advice you should politely ignore if ever thrown your way.

Word to the wise: Just make sure you come back to the discussion later so a resolution is found rather than sweeping problems under the rug." "A friend said I’d scare away all the good guys and would never get married and have kids if I was up-front and honest about my opinions when it comes to equal rights—key word being equal.

Sorry, but if a guy can’t handle my independent shit, he’s not worth my time." "This was coming from my own mother! Date a six or seven so he’ll appreciate you way more and never be looking to trade up, because he’ll know he can’t.' I don’t think so..." "I honestly had no idea what this meant at first, but I’ve come to realize it means that if you can fall for someone who’s rich as easily as someone who’s poor, why not go for the rich?If you don’t own a pocket book, buy one first, and then think about it.If confidence is hard for you, take some method acting courses, or think of having a body double who is confident stand in for you on the dates.5) Avoid Silence!Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and failed and just wish someone, anyone, would give you some new ideas on meeting the girl of your dreams.Well, you are in luck, because I am that guy and this is that article."Why not add exhaustion on top of whatever the issue is already?

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