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This differences applies to all weapons in all stances.

id=13057)Fixed: Pitch shift of grenades Fixed: Cfg Patches for camo versions of sniper rifles Fixed: Zone Protection worked only when there was an entire AO defined Fixed: Supports module no longer lists vehicles with protected scope as available Virtual Providers Fixed: Wrong localization of "Watch" button for Community Guides in French Fixed: Possible error message in Supports module when calling in artillery after a bombing run using Virtual Providers Fixed: Player's appearance consistent with the overview image of Showcase Supports Fixed: Panther no longer throws itself over the edge during insertion in Showcase Combined Arms FIxed: Changed squad movement speed modes in Showcase Combined Arms to accommodate changes to fatigue Fixed: Kuma vulnerability mitigated Fixed: Kart Trolley had a bad shadow Fixed: Cfg Patches have been tweaked for Bootcamp components Fixed: Optimized overall car inventory maximum loads to more reasonable levels Fixed: Adjusted memory points of Bobcat LMG Fixed: Driver of Sochor may be shot while turned out (

id=19876)Fixed: Issue with OPFOR grenadier harness variant providing unreasonable amount of armor protection Fixed: Error message in MP Virtual Arsenal Fixed: Slightly adjusted damper size of quad-bike Fixed: Strange chromatic aberration in alternate scopes Fixed: Adjusted fire geometry of Blackfoot Fixed: Crawling animation are played slowly Fixed: Speedboat turret doesn't disappear after being hit Fixed: Faces now show proper author in Virtual Arsenal Fixed: Various visual issues with Tempests Fixed: Pilots' visibility of compass if radar is disabled Fixed: Adjusted water resistance of Mohawk Fixed: Sochor is now usable for the Artillery support module Fixed: Skinning of back shields of VR Soldier improved Fixed: Adjusted durability of rear glass of SUVFixed: Adjusted geometries of Zamak Fixed: Nasty hit point settings issue that caused Helicopter Pilots, Helicopter Crews and Pilots across all factions to be able to sustain an unreasonable amount of damage suffered to their extremities.

(credits to Jester 814 for pointing this out)Slightly slowed down running in crouch with lowered rifle Increased fatigue gain while walking in kneel with raised weapon Decreased speed from running in crouch with raised rifle Slightly decreased speed for tactical movement in crouch with raised rifle Increased fatigue gain while walking in crouch with raised pistol Substantially increased speed while walking with launcher in crouch Increased speed of walking while standing with launcher Localized: Arsenal module error states Removed: Obsolete debug logs in Zone Restriction module Moved: New Rsc Button attributes from UI_F_Curator to UI_FDecreased general sway and breathing distortion speeds by 20%Decreased lateral sway movement by 20%Increased time window of holding breath to 8 seconds (previously 6) but also slightly decreased the time needed for holding breath to take full effect Left leg is no longer used to brake in standard cars Holder for LRPS should be available in Zeus Miniguns don't use submunition anymore Ability to steal UAVs by UAV Operators added (parameter uav Hacker configured)Dust effects for characters improved (there was no dust on some surfaces which are pretty dusty in real life)Improved handling of multiple engine damage for helicopters Removed exec VM on fired Event Handler of the AH-99 Blackfoot HULL damage indicator tied with total aircraft damage Camo variants of sniper rifles added to their respective snipers Sniper rifles camo variants added to their respective ammo boxes230mm rockets have a proper rate of fire Descending certain optimal slopes no longer restores fatigue; it 'only' prevents fatigue gain now Resolved: Animation problem with Mi-48's gatling montage Improved: Armored window hit points and crew protection hit points for the Mi-48AI discouraged from firing too small arms at gunships (12.7mm and above are still a threat)Moved Buzzard and Wipeout in Y axis in the model to allow them being spawned near ground Placeholder icon for VR entity body replaced with real icon Potential campaign spoilers: Common Denominator: Targets and RCO crate are now indestructible Damage Control: The Hummingbird can no longer be destroyed Diplomatic Relations: The Hellcat can no longer be destroyed Diplomatic Relations: Friendly fire is now detecting whether kills were made by BIS_lacey Diplomatic Relations: Added check to ensure player has a weapon before cutscenes start Fixed: Strider patrol not boarding its Strider in Situation Normal Fixed: Paradise Found: Miller was too quiet in the final cutscene Fixed: Campaign: Mike-26 is restricted even after Radio Silence Added: Better visuals for the VR Material Penetration course Added: MX magazines to the weapon crate in Common Denominator Changed: Wind setting from manual to automatic in Bootcamp campaign Changed: Damage Control: Adams will no longer occasionally order you to return while driving through Kavala Changed: Improved handling of Zone Restriction Fixed: Ensured Conway does not have any kind of face wear Fixed: Forcing Adams' position when checking the wounded is now less obvious Fixed: Strider patrol now reacts better to spotting the player in Situation Normal Fixed: You will no longer be ordered to destroy the wreck if it's already destroyed in Blackfoot Down Fixed: Replacement charges will now only be added to dead units in Blackfoot Down Fixed: Killing Sgt.

Lacey should always result in mission failure in Situation Normal Fixed: Error at mission start in Situation Normal Fixed: Friendly fire detection terminated in the final state of each mission in Bootcamp campaign Fixed: Adams' map marker is now in the correct location in Bootcamp campaign Added: Death Valley: Added savegame before the plane attack Fixed: Script error after clearing the town in Infantry Fixed: Mission wouldn't progress if the medic died while treating a soldier in Infantry ENGINEFixed: hide Object Global for Dedicated Servers Fixed: enable Simulation Global for Dedicated Servers Fixed: fuse Distance is properly calculated for EPE shots Fixed: Problem with color overflow in the VR world Fixed: Shaking of camera in extreme conditions when normal values for G shake are not set up Fixed: set Damage on static objects for JIPed players Fixed: Profile editing issue Fixed: Heading UI element in HUDs Fixed: Pi P when switching from vehicle to UAVFixed: Context menu can be accessed in tasks, main menu, players list FIxed: Headless Client should not start scenarios Fixed: Problems with create message ordering for JIPFixed: Possible CTD in selecting weapons Fixed: Deactivate mine action for AIFixed: UAVs do not have collision with units, but units do Fixed: add Magazine duplicates items when executed more than once Fixed: set Time Multiplier is no longer affecting wind change speed Fixed: UAV cannot be connected after set Captive true Fixed: Dedicated Server CTDFixed: Possible CTDFixed: Wrong initial path planning checks Fixed: lnb Value scripting command Fixed: UAV can not be hacked if set Captive is true Fixed: Problems with a wrong FSM for the mine deactivate action Fixed: CTD after pressing M in UAV terminal view (

Proper handling of invalid path characters in addon names Slash in item name replaced by '-' to make it a valid directory name Changed log filename to RPTPreview images are saved in a separate directory according to a unique filehandle (fixed the case where two different items had an image with the same name)Removed close on Esc key press Adjusted margin of a label Changed: Tab control style font Server browser: Removed: Game Spy logo Removed: Game Spy / Steam switch Server count is now in-engine instead of scripted Added: Player's name Fixed: Devbranch watermark is no longer displayed after exiting Splendid Camera in the main branch Fixed: Mistake in condition of function BIS_fnc_random Pos Trigger (

id=17937)Fixed: Script error in function BIS_fnc_spawn Group (

(Control Dot)Fixed: Drag and drop sorting doesn't work correctly after opening and closing info of a few addons Fixed: Text overlaps when the overwrite dialog appears Fixed: Image directories are deleted as well now Fixed: Subscribed items filtering - items which have any of addonreqtag get into launcher Fixed: Window is too small when user has DPI over 100%Fixed: Removed padding change when mouse hover over button from default button style (was breaking custom message box)Fixed: Sorting arrow is blurred (replaced with custom path)Fixed: Removed dependency on assembly 'Microsoft. Drawing.dll'Fixed: Server password is not disabled after restoring default settings Fixed: Net Log parameter is named as Server and works as Server parameter Added: Feature "Addon Presets" ( default file-based provider)Added: Page for News, displaying development reports from Launcher is now localized into various languages Added: Automatic upgrade of application settings between versions Added: Blurred background under main area if any content is displayed there Added: Examples to parameters Added: Configuration section for launcher-specific values Added: Support for displaying hints and errors in adorned box under text box control Added: HTML to XAML converter Added: Styles Added: Minidump and Windows Error Reporting support Added: When trying to run another instance, a message box is displayed: hitting OK will bring the other (already running) instance to the front and give focus to it Added: Launcher now saves the time and date of when it was last run Added: Bounce effect to checkbox from transition fron unchecked to checked Added: Restore factory defaults button to parameters Added: Code ensuring that presets will be initialized only once Added: Parameter control with Browse button for browsing folders Added: Parameter control with Browse button for browsing files Added: Value coercion to Parameter controls Added: Browse buttons to relevant parameters Changed: Options page header visually unified with the rest of the application Changed: Icons for buttons in addon manager, Options icon Changed: Visual tweaks to controls (check box, combo box, drop down menu, text box, scrollbar, expander, progress bar)Changed: Modified label sizing of Parameters page Changed: Unified visual style of news list and addons list Changed: Moved advanced parameters to new tab Changed: Modified alignment of status text in main window.

It's displayed in the same position across different localizations.

id=12419)Standardized inventory configuration for armored vehicles and added basic equipment even for MBTs Civilian and guerrilla trucks have proper selections for custom texture variants Redefined aim point of Supply Boxes Introduced weapon inertia settings for launchers Scoped out redundant Titan long / short classes from editor (due to configuration class names integrity the classes should remain)AI is more likely to target enemy transports Minor volume changes for closure and fire mode change sounds Particle effect modules localized Reduced: Armor of light bulbs on street lamps for they were very hard to destroy even with concentrated machine gun fire from close vicinity.

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