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And it's quite normal for Windows 10 to install new app updates after the Windows 10 anniversary update.However, unwanted apps may also be installed in your PC.However, you must handle this peculiarity intelligently to avoid issues like draining an excess of battery or consuming data unnecessarily.

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Block app updates from Registry tweak Press Windows R, type: regedit and hit Enter; Registry Editor file will show up in C:\Windows directory and you can navigate to the folder and run directly; Then open Registry Editor and go to: Create a new 32-bit DWORD value named Auto Download and set it to 2 to disable app auto-update; After this, restart Windows 10. Therefore, you may have one more step to clean up and remove unwanted apps in PC.

Block unwanted apps including Candy Crush from Windows 10 update After these steps, your PC won't install automatic updates or apps without permission anymore. Ease US Partition Master will make it simple and easy for you to clean up all junk files including unwanted files by simple clicks: 1. Then you can click Analyze to let Ease US Partition Master to find junk files in your PC. You can check and choose junk files including unwanted apps such as Candy Crush etc. All selected junk files and unwanted apps will be cleaned and thoroughly removed from your PC then.

Flicking the “Use Cellular Data” flip on will permit to download updates over a data connection.

Turning the feature off will download upgrades only when connected to a Wi Fi network.

Here in the following passages, you'll find effective method to stop Windows 10 installing unwanted apps without losing any data.

In order to avoid unexpected data loss issue, you can try a professional Windows backup software to create system and data backup firstly.

To disable the app updates in Windows 10, open the Apps Store and click on small dotted icon (….) and the Settings.

There are lots of other way to open Settings but here we’ve listed one simple method to open Apps Settings. Finally, you can see option to disable auto update of apps.

If you want to install new updates or apps, you'll need to manually download and install in your PC. Launch Ease US Partition Master and click Cleanup and Optimization.

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