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I recall one person saying, "I don't feel comfortable coming over if you're going to have to lock your kid up outside," but I think everyone else was agreeable with an arrangement like that. Now, the baby was going to be in the same room with us. I think at that time of night, some guys are just lonely and happy with any kind of contact.

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In order to screen for depression, for example, doctors often ask patients about sex.

If patients say they’re no longer interested in sex, this is considered a red flag of illness.

There is often a continuum of sexual desire, and some people naturally have a larger libido than other people.

These people might engage in some form of sexual activity every day, and they might find this activity quite enjoyable.

They may find themselves missing meetings, neglecting work or skipping family functions in order to feed their addictions.

Some sex addicts report stopping for sex on their way to meet family members and friends, and then never arriving for their meetings.

I had guys hoping to call me, ready to audition their bear growls.

"In 4-6 sentences describe what you would do to me to make my toes curl.

For another man, this action is a symptom of voyeurism, and isn’t considered part of a sexual addiction.

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