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KI Director Speaks in COAS Fall Colloquium Series September 21 KI Director Dr. Paul regaled us with stories on his annual visits to the institute.

Research Briefs: Winter 2016 The latest from Kinsey researchers includes studies on: the menstrual cycle and immunity strength; the nature of romantic kissing across cultures; and condom-associated erectile issues. John Gagnon was a major intellectual force in the sociology of sex, responsible with William Simon for the theory of sex scripting, and a staff member of the Institute for Sex Research under director Paul Gebhard from 1959-68. Sanders was selected for achieving local, national, and international distinction in both teaching and research. Sue Carter joined Lisa Cantrell's "An Inexact Science" podcast to talk about romantic love and mate choice.

Kinsey Institute Newsletter Winter 2016 Edition New research from Kinsey Institute scientists, the inaugural CAHI/Kinsey Institute fellow, our valued volunteers, The Danish Girl, and more. New Research Tracks Links Between Inflammation, Sexual Activity and Ovulation KI researchers Dr. Virginia Vitzthum—working with a sample of Bolivian women—tracked markers for heart disease risk and found dramatic changes over the ovulation cycle in sexually active premenopausal women. New Study Suggests Condoms Not the Cause of Erection Difficulties Men in the study having erection problems with condoms exhibited other erection difficulties as well.

This exhibition will open Friday, May 15 and continue through Saturday, July 11.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, May 15 from pm to pm at the Grunwald Gallery.

Sue Carter Shares Insights with Dating Carter discusses bringing a fresh perspective to the Institute.

Study Explores Modern Stigma of Virginity Kinsey Institute study finds relationship stigma associated with being a sexually inexperienced adult.

Announcing the 2017 John Money Fellows Congratulations to our 2017 fellows Drew Clark-Huckstep and Joan Lubin.

Transgender Advocate Jessica Lynn Lecture Feb 11 Jessica Lynn, transgender advocate and professional speaker will speak at WEAM in Miami on Feb 11, 6-9pm. Announcing Winner of Kraft-Kinsey Award Yael Massen, an Indiana University MFA Candidate in Poetry, is working on a manuscript confronting sexual violence. Lehmiller discusses the findings from his two studies on troilism.

Scholar Explores Photography Collection Art historian Tom Baynes places photographer George Platt Lynes in the context of gay culture and aesthetic of the 1950's.

Kinsey Institute Exhibit at Intuit in Chicago Private Eyes: Selected Artwork from the Kinsey Institute Collection explores the unique characteristics of homemade erotic artifacts.

Investigators also found that more than one-third of participants had never been taught how to use a condom correctly.

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