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I've had it about 5 or 6 years now to give you an idea on the age of your's mine still shoots good too.

Unless I had money for a new one I couldn't sell mine.

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I know it not worth tons but if some of you guys were selling this bow what kinda price would you put on it. The draw lengh is 29 draw weight is 70 and the serial number for this bow is 1973344 if anyone can answer my 2 questions that would be great thanks alot guys hope ya can help me figure out the year!!! A quick review on e Bay shows a large price range on Fred Bear bows and using the pictures on there you might find what model you have. But, given the camo pattern and green bubble logo below the handle, my guess would be somewhere in the late 1990's to early 2000's time frame.

It would have been considered an "entry level" bow by the cam style.

Probably with the original purchase price being about 250 with an included whisker biscuit and cheap truglo sight you can't get much probably about what you paid for it.

It is by no means unusual for Hill bows to appear on the traditional archery lists for sale pages or on auction sites. and perhaps some reference points for the serial number part to that a bow could be put into a time reference.

About all I recall of that though was Fred's huge Brown bear on display in the lobby. Any ideas where to find any of Freds movies of his hunts? Bill Bowjack I guided for Ray's in college and have been in Fred's Grayling cabin in fact I've been more than a little hammered there more than once.

Not too many folks know he was also quite the fly fisherman it was really cool to sit at his tying desk and whip up a few hex's before the evening drift.

Growing up in Michigan Fred Bear was my hero like every other boy with a bow in the state.

A friend's parents had a cabin near Grayling and I remember them taking us to the factory once during the early sixties. I can say that Fred was my hero, and have a few early archery books that I read a million times.

Bear didn't start using the date of manufacture in their serial numbers until 1965 i.e.

1965 Kodiaks start with 5, 1966 Kodiaks start with 6.

He has the largest collection of Bear take down handles.

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