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Combining files is more challenging when the scripts and stylesheets vary from page to page, but making this part of your release process improves response times.

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Attempts to reduce the distance between users and your content could be delayed by, or never pass, this application architecture step.

Remember that 80-90% of the end-user response time is spent downloading all the components in the page: images, stylesheets, scripts, Flash, etc. Rather than starting with the difficult task of redesigning your application architecture, it's better to first disperse your static content.

This not only achieves a bigger reduction in response times, but it's easier thanks to content delivery networks.

A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to users.

As described in Tenni Theurer's blog post Browser Cache Usage - Exposed!

, 40-60% of daily visitors to your site come in with an empty cache.

Making your page fast for these first time visitors is key to a better user experience.

top | discuss this rule tag: server The user's proximity to your web server has an impact on response times.

Deploying your content across multiple, geographically dispersed servers will make your pages load faster from the user's perspective. As a first step to implementing geographically dispersed content, don't attempt to redesign your web application to work in a distributed architecture.

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