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Not all, but some Adverts even go as far as putting their Agency name openly and what are they employing for.

The US phone number (1 (213) 784-1044) is Voip Number from a company called Vail Lab in Los Angeles.

And although the office is in Miami the phone number is from LA.

But let me tell you the real truth about this Site. EM writes lots of nice Blogs about how other Agencies are dishonest and the techniques they use, but that is only to deflect attention and make us believe actually after all they are honest.

Must be, if they point out all dishonesty about others, why not.

Many on the profiles on EM are also dormant, and will stay dormant, and that is because they are not real.

The only way to get in touch with such women is to buy the most expensive Membership to allow you get her contact.

This is just one of the many techniques to lure you into buying a membership.

Once you buy your Membership (any type), this supposed women that were so quickly interested in you, quickly loose out their interest, and even disappear.

Most of the Online Dating Agencies all of them announce themselves as trusted anti-scam, bla blab la. I have also done some deeper search and this is what I found so far: EM says they have offices around the world, where the hack are this offices??

When I asked EM Help Desk for their office addresses, they gave me 2 addresses, which are the ones they post online.

She was offered to correspond with Sucker Foreigners by one of the many dodgy agencies. The Alert Flags I have seen in most of other online Dating sites, some well known for being Scams others not so well, are the same in EM as well.

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