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There's an easy way to find it again; however, there's a catch. Quickly convert between different units of measurement.Be sure you are logged into your Google Account when you start your search, so you can retrieve it later. Type the units of measurement you wish to convert to and from into the search box: To prevent plagiarism and copyright infringement, obtain permission for and credit the source of all images, graphs, photos, and other artwork.

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filetype:pdf, filetype:ppt, filetype:xls For more information about Basic Google search strategies see Basic Search Help.

Advanced Search gives you options that help you refine your search significantly.

Combine the synonyms you have listed with "OR." The word “OR” must be in capitals otherwise Google will ignore it.

Example: global warming OR climate change Search Sites If you want to search within a specific website you can so it by entering your search term followed by site:sitedomain.

If it's an ooops, Google will give you a correct spelling. Discover and Google Scholar are search engines that let you quickly search across countless numbers of scholarly information sites and publications; however, each search different selections of scholarly content.

While you will find some overlap, some content in Discover is not available in Google Scholar, and visa-versa. When Google finds a book with content that contains a match for your search terms, Google will link to it in your search results.

Your history will be listed chronologically, and you can conveniently use the calendar to find earlier searches. Try this quick way to see if you got the spelling correct. Enter "time" in the Google search box followed by the name of the city or country. Check out the following copyright-friendly sources of visuals: Classroom Clipart With Library Links, you can access research licensed by TRU libraries in Google Scholar.

Just enter the word in the search box and click search. For example: try where you will find the rules for trig functions, algorithm base 10, circumference to the diameter of a circle, physical constants and much more. Library Links will automatically be active for computers on campus, but you can follow a few simple steps to set it up on your home computer as well.

Use Synonyms combined with “OR” There are many ways to state your search term or topic.

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