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His family is more accepting and moderate than some other traditional Jewish households.

Robbie’s major hobbies include Muay Thai martial arts, acting, modeling, break dancing and watching Hockey.

So fans were kind of shocked that she shared a "baby bump" photo alongside The Flash...

"I got a text that said, 'Stop thinking about me.' It's the smartest text I've ever seen because it did the complete opposite."3. "Using friends or acquaintances is always the best way for an introduction," Robbie said.

"You can also find out if he's got a favorite sports team or anything like that.

If anyone thinks that high school is that mean – and that’s all there is to it – you’re sorely mistaken. We kept the best parts and did something different with it, so it’s not the same as the movie.

I grew up modeling, so I don't have any body issues. I know what my body looks like and I’m not mad at it.” Bella: I’m dating. I feel like dating is really hard because I like to date everyone. Bella: I have my own show coming out on ABC Family that I’m producing.

I want it to be the best day of her life.” Exhale, ladies.

In the meantime, Amell, who also can be seen as Firestorm on CW’s star Stephen Amell.We can't believe it's been almost 5 full years since the show went off the air! Robbie Amell's new movie The DUFF hits theaters this weekend, and to celebrate, we're making the actor and his fiancée Italia Ricci our couple of the week! The DUFF finally hits theaters tomorrow, and if you're anything like us you've been impatiently waiting for the film's release ever since the project was announced. You might find it hard to believe that Bella Thorne could be anyone's "DUFF" -- which stands for "Designated Ugly Fat Friend" -- but, the 17-year-old says she's has turned the word into a positive. Bella: I think people have their misconceptions about everything. The movie is also a famous book, so we didn’t come up with the word. Bella: I don’t really know anybody who says it in my group. “I figure I have one or two no’s, so I’m saving them for things that really matter,” added Amell.“But even those, I’m sure if she fights me on it, I’ll give in and say ‘you’re probably right.’ ” Again, exhale ladies. I would like to date one person, instead of dating a bunch of people. See Bella in action in "The DUFF" when it lands on home video June 9th, and proclaim your own DUFF status by winning this amazing giveaway package!

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