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All of a sudden you have this number-one song and you're at some birthday party and there she is.

She ditched her son Max on his fourth birthday to go sake-bombing at Nobu.

“Christina goes days without ever getting out of bed.

Just look at their names: They both go by their middle ones, and their collaborative couple name is Drake's real first name just spelled differently, ahem, "Aubrih." That's fate, people.

Plus, there's the whole chemistry thing — they are on fire whenever they're around each other.

This seemingly amicable breakup — or whatever it was, since it sounds like Drake "thought it was more" than she did — and his cool, calm, and collected assessment of the situation, was the perfect, unassuming set up for them to have a second chance when they both were in a better place.

Throughout those five years in between that interview and now, rumors abounded.That's just how it happened."Ah, to go back five years ago to let little Jimmy Brooks know that it was all going to be OK.Actually, whether he knew it or not, he himself proved in that interview that things weren't really over for them.” “I want it to be rustic and chic — like, chandeliers and wood” “Sonny John Moore aka Skrillex” “It wasn’t huge like a Kardashian ring” “She’s always off in her own world.” “She’ll give me a wink or a purr to let me know if she’s feeling something.” “My abs are my best feature.” Bon Iver: “I’m balding, and I’m happy about it!” Christina Aguilera: “Sleeps all day, parties all night and is barely hanging on.” In the public eye she “has a hit show, millions of dollars in the bank and a boyfriend by her side,” but secretly she “is out of control.” After divorcing Jordan Bratman last year, “she’s been floundering” and “getting wasted a lot and just embarrassing herself.” While Bratman was a grounding influence, current boyfriend Matt Rutler “can’t really help her at all,” getting busted for DUI with Aguilera last March.“Robertson is the most unscrupulous player ever to accept a rose on the hit ABC show.

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