Private unregistered cyber cams

In South Australia Safe-T-Cam is managed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).Find out more about Safe-T-Cam on DPTI's On Road website.

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Before a new safety camera goes live testing is carried to ensure that the infrastructure, technology and processing complies with all the requirements.

A safety camera will only go live after it has been operating in a test environment for four continuous weeks without error.

These safety cameras use radar to detect speeding vehicles.

Find out more about how mobile safety cameras work Safe-T-Cam is a network of cameras placed on major arterial roads that detect unregistered vehicles.

Whats App has strengthened their security over recent years by adding two-step verification, and automatic end-to-end encryption.

Despite this, there are still some security threats you need to know about.

Since the messaging platform Whats App was acquired by Facebook in 2014, its growth has been unstoppable.

The app now boasts over a billion users each month who send over 30 billion messages per day.

When the fixed safety camera is triggered two photographs are taken, usually of the rear of the vehicle.

The photos are taken a minimum of half a second apart and show for Photo 1 the vehicle travelling over the induction loop Photo 2 the vehicle's progression after leaving the induction loop.

Vehicles waiting in the intersection while the light changes from yellow to red are not photographed.

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