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Applying vinyl on a wet surface using proper fluid will allow you to reposition or slide the decal to the correct position. This also allows for better results by reducing air bubbles behind the vinyl.

You should use clean water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid soap.

Then let it sit and dry on it's own (in the sun will speed this up). After lining up the decal in the position you want, begin by placing one edge down firmly on the glass.

To view regular and sale pricing with specifications on the 15′, 18′, 22′, 27′, 30′ & 34 click on Tiny Dome. So congratulations to the City of Rockledge Tiny House Group for its victory in changing minimum size house requirements in their city to 172 15′ dome kit can be purchased with 3 1/2″ EPS and no 1/2″ interior drywall.

As far as Tiny Homes meeting minimum size house requirements – in some areas groups are petitioning their county or their city governing bodies to allow them to have Tiny Home Communities (called pocket neighborhoods) where the minimum house size can be below state code. Normally in Florida the minimum new house size requirement is 500 15′ Dome: one bedroom one bath Tiny Home with first floor of 172 max square feet. Up to Ten 15′ kits with 3 1/2″ EPS & no 1/2″ drywall can fit on one 53 foot step deck semi-truck Or up to five 15′ kits with 7″ EPS & 1 2″ Drywall can fit on one semi-truck.

Exciting News Ai has added two new tiny home sizes to its Tiny Home assortment – 15′ and 18′!

These Tiny Dome Home Kits are constructed using Ai’s superior prefabricated insulated concrete panel system.

Around the second floor five foot perimeter areas the following items can be placed: headboard for bed, night tables, desks, or dressers.

All American Ingenuity domes can be designed without a second floor. Alcohol or a solvent cleaner may be used on non-painted surfaces, but should be tested in an out of sight area first.Adhesive sticks better and cures better in warm temperatures.You may use a squeegee device, such as a plastic credit card, to slowly and gently push the decal onto the glass as you go from one side to the other.A few customers have complained that the magnetic backed stickers began to stick to their paint after a long time on the car, leaving a residue on the paint that was hard to remove.Leslie runs into unexpected problems when she proposes a "bailout" of a failing movie rental store, Ann tries to make friends with April while waiting for an answer from Chris, and Tom tries to stand up to a scary new worker at Rent-A-Swag.

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