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Even users who were aware that the files were obviously of dubious legal origin weren’t necessarily also aware of the underlying technology, believing it to work like any other streaming Internet site.

It is exactly the same thing underneath with a pretty interface on top, so every precaution you should take when downloading a torrent still applies when using this new breed of streaming applications – namely….

The very nature of peer-to-peer torrent technology means that everyone who attempts to download a file is given a list of everyone else doing the same: you become both the downloader, and uploader.

It also makes it harder to use a house or a piece of land as collateral, stymying investment and job creation.

With the influx of new p2p movie streaming apps like Popcorn Time, and a system for copyright infringement notices about to begin in the UK, I thought it might an apt time to remind you of some basic torrenting safety guidelines.

To clarify the situation in the UK: the warning letters will not have any action taken, and will simply stop after 4 have been sent. Do you really want your ISP to know you were downloading “Big and Busty BDSM Babes” while the country is on a moral crusade?

Using a VPN is the only safe way of having any contact with torrents, period.Tunnel your connection through a torrent-friendly VPN that won’t keep records of who was using the service and when.This video from Cyber Ghost VPN explains the concepts. Yes, you can find free VPNs suitable for 5 minutes of privacy when using public Wi-Fi in an Internet cafe, but they are as good as nothing when it comes to torrenting.When purchased yearly through PIA, a VPN can cost as little as .33 per month.Seedboxes are a private computer rented from someone else: that machine, and therefore the IP address of that other machine does the downloading instead of you.It is the sort of thing that happens every day in places where land registries are badly kept, mismanaged and/or corrupt—which is to say across much of the world.

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