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In the course of five years, the Euralarm Symposium has established itself as the most important event on significant market developments of innovative, legislative, regulatory and standardisation nature impacting one of the most successful Industries in Europe: electronic security and fire safety.

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The first character in the emblem also represents a gathering place where the three elements of Cheon-ji-in – heaven, earth, and human – are in harmony.

The second character symbolises snow and ice, as well as the athletes’ stellar performances.

The light teal and light red ribbon from which the medals hang were also embroidered with Hangeul patterns and other designs. Eight new medal events at Pyeong Chang took the total of golds to 102, more than any previous Olympic Winter Games.

Composition: Gold : a silver medal with a purity of 99.9% plated with 6 g of gold. The new events added a new dimension to these Games, with the accent very much on increasing the appeal of the Olympic Winter programme to young audiences around the world.

On the reserve, meanwhile, are stated the discipline, event and the Pyeong Chang 2018 emblem. They are the work of celebrated South Korean designer Lee Suk-woo, who incorporated Hangeul – the Korean alphabet and the foundation of Korean culture – into their design through a series of consonants symbolising the effort of athletes from around the world, who came together as one to compete at Pyeong Chang 2018. The white and gold tones of the torch mirror the main colours of the Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Torch Relay, while the five-pronged shape of the flame is based on the Korean symbol for Pyeong Chang, which was also engraved around the bottom half and top of the torch.

The ribbon from which the medal hangs was an equally important part of the design and had been created using gapsa, a traditional South Korean fabric. The five-angled shape in the middle of the uniform cap was meant to represent the spirit of sports, which connects races, nations, religions, genders, cultures, as well as the five continents, united by a common passion for the Games.

This followed 1 round of voting by the members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 6 July 2011 at the 123rd IOC Session in Durban, South Africa.

Three cities were proposed by their National Olympic Committees to host the 2018 Games: Munich (GER), Annecy (FRA), and Pyeong Chang (KOR)*.

For the first time in Pyeong Chang, a mixed doubles event in curling appeared alongside the traditional men's and women's team events.

Alpine skiing, traditionally an individual sport, also had its own mixed team event for the first time.

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