One on one nude no sign in

The shot captures Bowie's contrasting eyes particularly well.

London Features International detailed stamps on reverse. Original RCA Records press still, 10"x8" Original RCA press photo. Photograph unknown, but another shot from this session appeared on the cover of February 18th 1978 Melody Maker, which featured a interview with Bowie in Berlin, with fascinating insights into his life in the city. SOLD - please inquire if you'd like us to source this for you.

SOLD - please inquire if you'd like us to source this for you. PLAYBOY Magazine: Is it true that Jagger once told you he was hiring the French artist Guy ran right off to hire Peellaert for your own album, Diamond Dogs, which was released first? I went over to his house and he had all these Guy Peellaert pictures around.. Original RCA Records press still, 10"x8" Photograph by Sukita.

SOLD - please inquire if you'd like us to source this for you. Original press photograph, 8"x6" Bowie at the pre-premiere party for 'Just a Gigolo' at the Cafe Royal on 14th Feb 1979. Original press photograph, 8¾"x6½" "The Rave arriving at platform five".

Original press photograph, 10"x6 ½" Photograph by Terry O'Neill. Black tie or 20s-style dress was mandated; Bowie, and his (according to the press note) Japanese girlfriend (actress Viv Lynn), wore Japanese clothing. Superb original 1973 press photo taken as Bowie is mobbed arriving at London's Charing Cross Station on 4th May 1973, prior to the final UK leg of the Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane tour cycle. SOLD - please inquire if you'd like us to source this for you.

Original RCA poster, 22"x22" Photograph by Steve Schapiro. Steve Schapiro's many distinguished credits include his on-set photography for the Godfather trilogy (he captured many of the films' most famous images). Bowie's interest in German Expressionism and the Weimar era took in the work of artist Erich Heckel. Original poster, 31.5"x24.5" Design and artwork by Edward Bell.

One of the most famous of all Bowie images, originally used on the U. Heckel's 1917 (link:) painting and woodcut of the character 'Roquairol' directly influenced the cover of "Heroes" and Iggy Pop's 'The Idiot'. The Isolar II world tour, promoting ‘Low’ and “Heroes” commenced on 29th March 1978. Pleased by Bell's work on 'Scary Monsters', Bowie commissioned a further portrait from Brian Duffy's photo session.

Location unknown, but here David and Angie are leaning against a table football. Bowie holds aloft a glass of milk (also see photograph below) which, along with red peppers, apparently formed much of his diet at this time. SOLD - please inquire if you'd like us to source this for you.

Although Bowie ultimately commissioned a very different image for the album cover from Eric Stephen Jacobs, many years later he chose another shot from this session for the cover of his personal favourites compilation i Select (2008). Original 1975 candid press photograph, 9¾"x6½" Rare candid shot of Bowie on set in New Mexico filming 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'. Original Paul Canty press photograph, 10"x8" Original Paul Canty photograph for London Features International (see details on reverse), with Bowie and his co-star Sydne Rome, at the 14th Feb press call for the film 'Just a Gigolo' at the Cafe´ Royal in London.

Fine Terry O'Neill photo, taken at one of Bowie's six nights at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, September 1974, on the Diamond Dogs Tour. Original RCA poster, 19"x27" Photography by Justin de Villeneuve. I knew that I had made the right decision giving David the photograph when months later I was driving through Los Angeles and I saw a 60 foot billboard of the album cover on Sunset Boulevard." Twiggy was heavily tanned after a Bahamas holiday whilst Bowie was, in de Villeneuve's words, "as white as a ghost". Art and design by Edward Bell, photography by Duffy.

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