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This is interesting, length ball, in the slot, but Dhoni doesn't go hard down the ground.

Wants to guide past short third man, finds the fielder.

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Kohli will get a lot of flack for bowling out his key bowlers very early and the team selection of course, but come on, whatever your name is, you got to back yourself to defend 45 off 18 balls.

The more he is under the pump, the better he will get as the tournament progresses.

It's important to know the overs that are left and who will bowl the death overs, who is their best bowler on that particular wicket and who you can take on.

You will score runs with the experience you have got, but if you can help the other batsman with what to play, run quicker between the wickets, tell what the bowler could do with his batting style etc.

All these things really matter, and that's what I feel is the job of the finisher. Sharing the experience with the youngsters or whoever is batting and helping them getting the score is key, because tomorrow I may not be batting with him or I may get out, he needs to do the job.

Rayudu's batting is very important for us, he keeps the scoreboard moving."MS "Cool" Dhoni is the Man of the Match: (1/2) "I thought when we had the innings break this was difficult to chase because when I was keeping, I felt AB batted well to get them to 200 runs and it was tough to score. The key for us was the two left-handers but we lost them early. This is a small ground, ball travels and there was just a bit of dew and it worked in our favour. Got a very good partnership and then Bravo striking at the end, overall it went perfectly according to the script.

Not exactly as we had planned, but still the script was good.

They need to be clear in their plans and execute well. We had the belief, but this ground made it really possible. Just a jump across to the off-side and slogs this full ball with all his might to clear deep mid-wicket. Back of a length delivery outside off stump, Bravo backs away and gets under the ball to smash it over cover Corey Anderson to Dwayne Bravo, FOUR, that's the healthiest of edges you can get. The slower ball bumper loops over Dhoni, oh that was well above the head21 needed of 7. Highest scores for Rayudu in IPL:82 v RCB, Bengaluru, 201881*v RCB, Bengaluru, 201279 v SRH, Hyderabad, 201868 v SRH, Hyderabad, 201465 v KXIP, Mohali, 2016Corey Anderson to Dwayne Bravo, 1 run, slower delivery outside off stump, Bravo drives it to sweeper cover, it's not going to be easy for Bravo to time those straightaway.

We weren't brave enough with the ball, somewhere there was that hesitation of the opposition overcoming them."Rayudu - Orange Cap holder: "Unbelievable. I am hitting the ball well, so the batting position doesn't really matter to me. The way he took it to the end knowing his ability to finish it off against the likes of Siraj, Negi and Anderson at the end speaks volumes about the man's innate self-belief. This is RCB's first loss defending in excess of 200 at the Chinnaswamy Corey Anderson to Dwayne Bravo, 1 run, cut in the airrr, but there is a man at deep point. This is not a batting belter Dwayne Bravo, right handed bat, comes to the crease Corey Anderson to Rayudu, out Rayudu Run Out!! They say you don't run on a misfield and Rayudu's excellent knock has been ended by a brilliant piece of fielding by Umesh. He got greedy and hoped for a poor throw from the fielder but Umesh has a good throwing arm and was out by miles despite a dive.

But quality batting from both sides getting 200-plus. (On MSD) Great to see him strike a few, not against us though. Something that we need to address going forward because we haven't bowled well.

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