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Now why would a wealthy man in the West become a sugar daddy?If a man is 50-ish (like ladislav) wealthy and interested in marriage, he can get a hot girl. He already is married In such circumstances some women will trade the prospects of marriage for a good temporary lifestyle and cash rewards.

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I've heard several people on this board throw around the term sugar daddy, especially in regards to ladislav and I have to laugh at how delusional they are.

Women in the West and some men use the term as a shaming technique, as in "He only gets hot girls cause he's a sugar daddy." Hell, even ladislav uses the term toward himself sometimes but I have a feeling his notion of what it is is a bit different.

But, and here's the rub, what if you are a 50-ish viable guy and don't want to get married or have a live-in or committed relationship. It's probably not much more expensive than bar girls.

And what if you still want young hotties in your life. While I am uncomfortable speaking for ladislav, he has been clear often that: a. And maybe if you do that, you will surprise yourself and find that one right girl for you.

Invariably such a relationship costs money, time and effort. In fact it's one of the cornerstones of HA; that marriage in the West is expensive and divorce even more expensive.

We look to other countries and cultures not because marriage/relationships are free there, but less costly and hopefully the women are of higher quality.

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He does not want marriage or traditional commitment b. Sponsorship is a sucker's bet and something I tend to agree with but it's basically a short term marriage for guys with limited prospects.

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