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The minimum payment is really a safety net to ensure you don't incur late payment charges.

Ideally, you should still make additional payments by other means rather than sticking to the minimum each month.

Legal pluralism has become “an everyday matter of risk and opportunity”, writes David Kennedy, Professor of International Law at Harvard.

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Besides placing greater emphasis on legal realities, doing so also requires a discourse with the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies.

Since 2010, the Research Network Recht im Kontext has worked to advance this process of “relocating” law and legal studies.

Wherever the law (re-)constructs social phenomena and, in turn, is influenced by them, we should recall the words of Australian legal scholar Fleur Johns, who wrote that “each time we produce law to match the world, we produce world to match the law, and vice versa.” The frontiers of law and its study evade definition along traditional patterns of order, and even intra-disciplinary differentiations such as the dichotomy between public and private law require critical reconsideration.

Seen from within the research and teaching of legal scholarship, inquiring into the innate sense of law within a pluralistic legal reality is one of the “future tasks of scholarship that can free itself only through contextualization and thereby reference its underlying disciplines” (Dieter Grimm).

The date your payment is due is printed on your monthly statement.

The standing Instruction set up on your account will run on the due date.

If you make an additional payment, then the payment will be reduced by the amount of the additional payment.

Please note that any additional payment made within 3 working days prior to your payment being will not affect your SI amount as the request will already have been sent.

Remember, you will still be charged interest on the remaining unpaid amount. This is the date your bill is actually issued, and your bill will be due twenty days after that.

The statement date and the due date are not the same.

You'll also need to take into account any other transactions you have made i.e. There may also be interest due for the time between your last statement being produced and the date you received your payment.

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