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This could just mean that there will always be somebody out there who can be your ideal match whenever you participate in singles occasions.

Need For Speed: Payback, looks just as much like a Hollywood action movie as it does a video game – check out the amazing scenes in the first gameplay trailer for it, which was released at the annual EA Play event this year.

Can you believe this is the TWENTY THIRD Need For Speed game? So how are the racing whizzes behind the franchise freshening it up for another lap?

This edition, EA have revealed, will be action movie-influenced, focusing on ‘action driving’ and will offer you three playable characters, each with a different skillset.

We chatted to Marcus Nilsson, the executive producer of the Need For Speed games, to get his insider secrets on making the iconic racing title…

For that reason, it is vital that you concentrate on the fun element when you join dating events.

This indicates that even if you find the person who is sitting beside you not appealing or fascinating, it is still essential that you engage in conversation to make the most out of the circumstance.

So, you take a car from scrap to stock to a super car of your choice. In the desert, things can go missing and then can be found, like some of the scrap parts I was referring to earlier. I have been watching action movies for as long as I can remember and one thing with many of them is the inclusion of awesome driving and stunts with cars.

I am definitely a fan of the Fast & Furious movies but the creative of Need For Speed: Payback is the results of merging together a lifetime of action consumption. I started working at DICE, the creators of Battlefield amongst other things, and I also produced several games in that series.

But, jokes aside, lots of gamification is already happening.

I am competing each day with my wife in walking distance, I earn points by air travel and I can see the consumption of electric in my plug-in Volvo V60 hybrid.

Try to discuss games with a friend and try to think about what would actually make sense to change to get the game you’re currently playing to a better place.

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