My best friend dating my sister

The "most amazing and beautiful girl ever." Maria and Reyna. Reyna, who didn't exist in my life or Maria's life until two weeks ago. Even when I text her, it takes hours for her to respond. Curves never hurt anyone (except their dating chances). Only one waitress is working the floor and she seems frazzled. Maria nudges her with her elbow and Reyna turns sharply. One second Maria spends every second with me, and the next she disappears from my life. I notice the salt and pepper on the table hopping around and put my hand on my thigh to stop the shaking. Most of the patrons are heavyset, though it's not like I can judge. "You're funny," she says while she straightens back up. This is officially thirty seconds longer than I want any conversation with a stranger to go. Coffee on an empty stomach can kill your insides." "No, I'm fine. June makes eye contact again and then ducks beneath the counter. I just haven't heard from her since she uh, broke things off with Jace and then met you. Though, you must know that she broke things off with Jace after meeting me." I was trying to be delicate, but I guess Reyna has no time for delicacy. I imagine Reyna naked, sliding Maria's head down into her crotch while Maria eats her out.

Maybe the poor girl won't be able to finish after all.

Someone opens the door and enters the bathroom with us.

She's twenty-seven, but her wardrobe always makes her look eighteen. Reyna doesn't seem to notice me, but she follows Maria towards my table anyways. Surely each leg is lifting, but each move is smooth. Let's sit." Maria practically dives into the booth. She can never decide between eating breakfast for every meal or eating like an adult. Maria looks at it, confused, and then puts it in her pocket.

But she's punky with a pixie haircut, pink hair, short jean shorts, a blue tank top, and red suspenders. "I'm starving." Maria starts to flip through the sticky menu. I try to maintain eye contact, but whenever I do, I get lost in her amber eyes. Then she places a hand on Maria's wrist and Maria's nervous flipping stops suddenly. She's used the whine on me before, and it always works. I assume it's the check, but when I turn it over, I see it's her name followed by seven numbers. Reyna glances at the note, smirks, and then slides the paper to Maria. Why did my perfectly straight best friend suddenly give up her fiancée for this stranger?

Part of me wants to peek under or over the stall wall and see what's going on. Reyna steps closer to June and raises her hands to June's chest. "I have to be touched." "I have to be touched." "I have to be controlled." "I have to be controlled." What the fuck is going on? She wouldn't stop showing off for me and gave me her number. I think about June's number sitting in the pocket of my hoodie at the table. "I'm too slutty to be on my own." Touching herself in front of my best friend's girlfriend.

Her legs are spread, but I can't see any of the action, I mean, the vagina. "You're touching yourself in front of a woman you just met in a dirty bathroom. Now look into my eyes and repeat after me: I'm a slut." "I'm a slut," echoes June robotically. I mean, I know June's been hot and bothered all day.

I'm done here, and I don't mind letting her finish what she started, so I get up to leave the stall. There, Reyna is standing right in front of June and leaning down so she is eye level with her victim. "But you're not ready for me to control you." June lets out a whimper of disappointment. June gives out a squeal, which is either delight or pain. I sit back down on the toilet as quietly as I can (though I don't need to be that quiet thanks to June). I don't know what I'm going to do exactly, but I know I'm going to do everything I can to get Maria away from Reyna as soon as possible.

Maybe if she's reminded that she's not alone she'll stop or at least wait for me to leave. We sit there, both of us waiting for the other to make their move. I get back to the crack of the stall to look at the mirror. She stands over June and puts her hands on her hips. All you need to do is get these pierced," she reaches down and twists what I assume are June's nipples. Reyna stands over her, hands on her hips, and watches. It must be, unless June and Reyna just did a perfectly synchronized sex roleplay without meeting before. I open the door and all I can see are her amber, beautiful, eyes.

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More importantly, I need to get Maria alone and talk to her about this.

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