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I think we both knew this was going to be a good thing.”Peacock's goal with the album was to bring Allen's voice and his evolving guitar style to the forefront, something that he felt was hidden in his previous rock releases.

Allen also adds that his songwriting skills got sharper."When I started songwriting I was terrible — so bad," says the Arkansas native.

While he excitedly waited to see which songs were emerging as fan favorites, he was most amused by one question about who the mysterious vocalist on one song was hitting an extraordinarily low note.“It was me, singing,” he laughed.

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contestant died of natural causes as the result of a disease called dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart becomes weakened and enlarged, the Orange County coroner’s office tells PEOPLE.

Johns had suffered a blood clot in his leg a few days before he passed away on Aug.

1, but some reports suggested that alcohol may have played a role in his death.

The coroner’s report noted that the fan favorite did have a “fatty liver” – which is common in those who drink alcohol frequently – but added that this was only a contributing factor, and was not the ultimate cause of the singer’s untimely passing.

Says Allen: "I felt like she was the best singer ... I’m a big Queen fan and I’m also an Adam fan and I’m sure he’s just perfect for the job.”As for his own touring plans, Allen says he will stay on the road into the fall and beyond the announced dates, but can’t say exactly where yet.

And for fans who loved the covers he did on his Out Alive tour, Allen teases that there are more to come.season eight winner Kris Allen is like a kid on Christmas Eve.The 29-year old singer had just released a live stream of the collection on You Tube, and stayed up into the wee hours reading fan reaction on the Internet.“I had this song for a little bit and played it a bunch live, and Charlie wanted to record it.And it was cool because it’s different than most songs. It’s a really great introduction for the record."Other songs sure to surprise fans of Allen include the soulful, piano-driven song “Lost,” one of the first written at Peacock’s house.As Allen recalls: “We met on a Sunday in Nashville, went over to his place…

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