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Witness: William Mc Kee, Joseph Harris, and James Mc Kee. Jackson and James Hanna, and step-son-in-law, Hugh W. Children of Archibald Knox by 1st wife were Elizabeth Hanna, Samuel M. Children of Archibald Knox by 2nd wife [Martha] were: Sarah Jackson Knox, Rebecca Adaline Knox, Robert Lowry Knox, and William Alexander Knox. However for the first 60 years due to restrictions the Proprietors placed upon immigration the colony grew very slowly and was pretty much limited to a rough triangle along the Atlantic with its apex at Moncks Corner on the Copper River with legs extending north to Winyah Bay and south to Hilton Head.

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While visiting Ireland, a fellow researcher did a lot of research on the early Mc Kee’s. Note: There is a lot of confusion about which Mc Kee married which Witherspoon and all of their children. Trustees named as Robert Wilson and Robert Witherspoon. After the death of his 2nd wife, Archibald Mc Kee Married 3-Elizabeth _______. 295) showing: ARCHIBALD Mc KEE, his mark, Prince Fredericks Parish, Craven Co., SC; One third of estate to wife ELIZABETH Residue of estate to five children: ADAM JOSEPH MARTHA COOPER JANE MILLER ARCHIBALD KNOX Also mentions wife;s daughters JANE WITHERSPOON MARG. Later the territory would be split into North and South Carolina.

She passed the information on to Wayne Adams and myself. There are notices of Archibald Mc Kee being married to 2-3 different Witherspoon women. There is also confusion concerning which set of children goes with which family. They had four sons, James, Gavin, Robert, and John; and one daughter, Ann, who married Archibald Mc Kee. Witnesses: Joseph Mickie, Mary Dick and John Leviston, J. Archibald Mc Kee, Williamsburg Township, Prince Frederick Parrish, Craven County, signed will 3 Oct. “What I give to her is to pass to her three daughters by her former husband, viz: Elizabeth O’Brien, Margaret O’Brien, and Jane Witherspoon.” To my children, each 1/5th of my Estate: Martha Cooper; Adam Mc Kee; Joseph Mc Kee; Jane, wife of William Miller; _______ Knox, wife of Samuel Knox “her share to her son, Archibald Knox.” Executors: wife, Elizabeth; son, Joseph Mc Kee with James Fleming, Esquire [Charleston County 18-241]. & ELIZABETH O’BRIEN Son-in-law WILLIAM MILLER d P/R nd, p241 Sandra Mc Kee got a copy of the will. The background was light gray with handwriting not completely clear — readable but not clear. The remainder of his estate was to his five children. Colonization began about seven years after the grant led by Anthony Ashley-Cooper who became the Earl of Shaftesbury.

Note: Adam Mc Kee, Sr., Adam Mc Kee, Jr., and many others of this family are buried in a plantation graveyard about 1 mile from Greenville Churchyard, Abbeville County. Executor: wife Martha and “my brother”, Samuel Cooper [Charleston County: 14-137] Archibald Knox [probably grandson named in will of Archibald Mc Kee, deceased of Williamsburg Township] died in Amite County, Mississippi, leaving will signed 13 Feb. Knox, Amite County, signed will 11 June 1827; probated 22 Oct. The Carolinian settlers had became dissatisfied with injustices they perceived under the Proprietory system and in 1719 they asked to be made a “Crown Colony”.

James Cooper, Williamsburg District, signed will 6 June 1771, naming wife, Martha and children: James Cooper, Jr., Janet, Margaret, Ann [b. 1827, naming Anne Reese Knox, and son, Samuel James Witherspoon Knox [minor]. Henry Janna removed to the Mississippi Territory and we find him in Amite County, Mississippi, 9 March 1810, with 163 acres. Both King George I and Parliament were receptive but negotiations dragged on for ten years.

1778, aged 37 Elizabeth Mc Kee, his 3rd widow died 6 July 1810, aged 66 years [SC Historical Magazine XIII, 66] Elizabeth Mc Kee signed will 2 July 1810; probated 24 July 1810, naming following heirs: Nephews: David Shaw, William Shaw, John Shaw. 1807, naming wife Jean, executor, with my sons, Michael and Adam Mc Kee, Jr. I suspect the postings were recycled “garbage” IF he existed, this Archibald Jr was purportedly born c1737 in SC and died some time after 1760. SOUTH CAROLINA Pursuant to a precept to me directed by James St. bearing date the 13th day of Apr one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight, I have admeasured and laid out unto Mr. Archibald Mc Kee a tract of land containing three hundred and fifty acres, situate lying and being within the township of Williamsburgh, in Craven County. From a path for Indian traders and hunters the Cherokee Path became the main roadway into the interior for traders and colonizers.

To Nieces: Elizabeth Shaw, Lillie Shaw, Sarah Elvira Shaw. To my daughter, Margaret’s children [no surnames]: daughter Grissel: daughter Jean Lindsey; son Elijers; son John; daughters Mary, and son William Seath Mc Kee. Martha Knox, wife and administrator with sons-in-law: Alex. Archibald Mc Kee a tract of land containing three hundred and fifty acres, situate lying and being within the township of Williamsburgh, in Craven County. With their capital of Charles Town properly honoring the monarch and the rivers after Lord Proprietor Ashley-Cooper, as settlement layered outward from the capital city the three Proprietors established three counties giving them their own names of Berkeley, Colleton and Craven.

=== It is quite possible or even likely that Archibald’s first wife died in 1749 during the epidemic known as “the Great Mortality”.

That Ann was younger than Joseph so could not possibly be his mother–in fact she married Joseph and he was not “his own grandpa”.

Executors: wife, Anne Reese Knox with friends, Richard Hurst. He also had a grant of 622 acres in Amite County, 9 July 1816. John Mc Cullock of Anderson County, South Carolina signed will 4 Nov. Finally in 1729 Parliament bought out the Proprietors and Colonel Robert Johnson was sent out as the first governor of Carolina.

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