Low esteem dating self sabotage Picture of hermaphrodite sex

They need that success because it validates their sense of self.All I was doing in these relationships was taking the woman’s value to fill up the empty holes in my heart, because I believed that I was unworthy as a human being.

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Our relationships become the external validation we need to feel worthy.

For other guys, it’s the amount of money, the six pack, or the Porsche.

His friends are trying to help by setting him up on dates with every girl they meet in Starbucks.

And his grandmother is lining up nurses at the hospital immediately after her stroke (true story).

Inevitably, this lead to her ending things with me. I felt a gaping hole inside and was I determined to fill it.

So I went crazy and started sleeping with tons of women, hired a few mistresses, and was kissing practically any girl that looked my way.

When one relationship ended, I put on my game face and jumped into the field of love to find another girl.

Looking back, I can recall intense anxiety of being alone. In fact, after my college sweetheart ended things, I spent 2 months searching for the next girlfriend.

When our self-worth becomes extrinsically tied to our relationships, we’re giving the people we date the responsibility of making us feel good about ourselves, even though this person has never experienced our own life in our perspective before.

We place the key to our happiness in someone else’s pocket.

Getting texted by this girl fit in my goal of getting and keeping a girlfriend. Rather, I’ve leached off this girl and used her value to make myself feel better.

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