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and Moyles best known for his long-running Radio 1 show.

Moyles has been given some stiff competition for listeners by John Humphrys recently, after the veteran broadcaster attracted more than 7million listeners to his Today programme – just 100,000 less than the Radio 1 DJ has for his show.

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Angel's Fruit天使の果実Despite its toxic appearance, this fruit bears a sweetness that will take you to heaven.

However, they say that those who eat this fruit will be possessed by evil and fall to the dark side. Secret Wind Sword Book剣風秘帖・舞園鞘花A book documenting a certain sword technique named after "Sayaka M." The beautiful movements of this technique look like you're cutting through fluttering flower petals. Hagakure Crystal Ball葉隠流水晶A broken crystal ball held together with adhesive tape.

The winning couple - who have the choice to drop their date for an "upgrade" - will be sent on a holiday for two.

Sky's head of entertainment Duncan Gray has described the series as "funny, entertaining, and at times painfully honest".

However, this item will also amplify the sound of the shot to sound like a tiger's roar. Small Degenerated Reactor小型縮退炉A powerful organization used nuclear fission to repeatedly degenerate gravity and create miniature black holes for the purpose of researching alternate sources of energy. American ClackerアメリカンクラッカーA toy consisting of two balls tied with string.

You play with it by swinging the balls together to produce a "clack clack" sound.

Black Rabbit Picture Book黒ウサギ読本An introductory book for pulling various cons.

The cover has a black rabbit on it to avoid attention.

Though it's commonly used to cook various island dishes, apparently it's also used for strange ceremonial rituals by the local natives. Iroha T-ShirtイロハシャツA regular t-shirt emblazoned with a cluttered poem. Passionate Glasses煩悩メガネGlasses that let you see your passions as they blend with reality.

They also have a function that lets you shoot your passion like a laser.

The previous owner used this item to predict the future.

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