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Only problem is Grammer was still married to his third wife at the time. Thus, we can hardly blame Penny Lancaster for wanting a piece of the well-known ladies man.They, as is normal with trophy wives, have a significant age difference.

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She worked for the company for less than a year, working events and parties at the famed Playboy Mansion.

Ice-T clearly saw something in Marrow (or really liked staring at her boobs).

With previous marriages to a Playboy model and an exotic dancer under his belt, Grammer clearly enjoys the female form.

His relationship with Walsh was made official with the announcement that she was pregnant. They got divorced February 10, 2011, two weeks before Grammer got married for the fourth time to Walsh. Penny Lancaster-Stewart – Rock Fetish Rod Stewart is a rock legend.

subsidiary at the time) from shaking her goods for the big boss. They had nearly a 40-year age difference and then problems started to arise (shocking). He also is well known as a man who likes beautiful young women.

Sadly, Deng got tired of the much older Murdoch and reportedly went flocking for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He has been married four times; the fourth with a sexy former flight attendant named Kayte Walsh.Certainly, this stereotype will never go away as long as certain types of women who are looking for celebrity status and a life of luxury are around. History is ripe with “sugar daddy’s” and trophy wives.The idea that an attractive young pretty girl can get a big leg up on life by attaching herself and dedicating herself to a rich older man is an age old story.So here are the 10 Celebrities With The Hottest Trophy Wives. Coco With Some Ice-T Nicole “Coco” Marrow was a young aspiring dancer/actress when she met actor/rapper Ice-T.With her curvy figure, Marrow was modeling lingerie and swimsuits which drew the attention of Playboy.I'm a playful naughty brunette that loves to have fun and bare all on cam. Interests Anal, Teens, Amateur, Cuckolds, Oral , Asian, Stocking, Pantyhose, WWE, Boy , Bisexual, Outdoor, Fake, Babe, Tease , Blondes, Asses, Pussy, MILF, Naughty , Blowjobs, Spanking, Tramps, English , Bollywood, Hollywood, Celebs, Model , Brunette, Facial, Chubby, Pussyfuck , Crossdressings, Masturbation, BBWs , Cumshot, Melons, Mommy, Fetish, Sexy , Curves, Nipples, Interracials, CFNM , Gays, Shaved, Toys, Naked, Squirting , Hairy, Creampie, Cum, Dick, Cock, Men , Humiliation, Domination, Europeans , Incest, Mom, Son, BDSM, Fuck, Sucking , Lesbians, Matures, Racks, Gangbangs , Masturbating, Boobs, BBC, Lingeries , Panty, Feet, Arm, Femdom, Mistresses , Roleplays, Upskirts, Heels, Muscles , Shemales, Redheads, Sissys, Fashion , Webcam, Handjob, Latex, Caption, Tit Read Trophy_Wife's latest blog entries Website: up: 1 year and 2 months ago Images viewed: 280 Images uploaded: 874 Gender: Female Sexual orientation: Bisexual Birth: 14/02/1993 Location: United States Last Online: 9 hours ago Trophy Wives.

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