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Miami is a great example of a different type of acculturation.

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Among Whites, for example, the turnout rate was 66% in 2008. Two factors that are helping turn the involvement tide include societal education/acculturation, and the visual presence of Latino leaders and politicians who make Latinos feel welcomed by asking for their engagement. New Mexico became the first state with significant Latino influence and involvement and it is largely due to the proliferation of Latino governors, senators, and members of congress from that state. Second generation Cubans, like senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, have become great influencers in driving Latino participation.

The main problem affecting Latino participation in U. politics is rooted on social indifference and political apathy. Here are some of the reasons why it is difficult to get Latinos to participate: Despite all of these, there are many reasons why Latinos are becoming more involved in the American society and all indicators point to an increasing level of Latino engagement in U. The insurgence of Latinos in prominent positions at all levels of government and society is crucial in making Hispanics feel that they are truly a part of the American social structure. After the Mexican war of 1846, Mexicans living in the U. One area that greatly affected (and continues to affect) Latino participation was the segmentation within the Hispanic community.

For years Hispanics have exercised little influence in U. In last year’s election, however, voter participation among eligible Hispanics increased; with the voter turnout rate rising 3 percentage points, from 47% in 2004 to 50% in 2008. Cuban Americans who left Cuba during and after the revolution were granted residency and many became citizens.

Still, the numbers do not reflect the Latino potential and the Latino turnout rate does not come close to that of other groups. citizenship, and some Mexican leaders ended up being the first Latinos to become members of the Congress and the Senate. citizenship after the Spanish-American war and Puerto Ricans became more engaged in U. Leaders from this era evolved; Jose Más Canosa, for example, became a leader of Cubans in the U. and was effective in winning Cuban votes for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Busch.

While we are definitely moving in the right direction, it is crucial to continue to unite as one voice and to promote Latino leadership in all aspects of society.

The sometimes prevalent Latino mentality that sees “Americans” as separate from Hispanics also needs to be addressed.Is there really a set definition of American traits?I will argue that the US varies tremendously from region to region and covers many different cultures.The problem is that many in corporate America seem to think that acculturation can be easily divided into very clear and distinct segments. There are as many definitions of acculturation and acculturation segments as there are experts willing to offer an explanation- and the truth is that there is not really a right or a wrong answer when it comes to defining acculturation.In my case I tend to define acculturation segments differently depending on the client, the industry, the particular geography in question, and many other factors that affect the marketing of a given product or service.Latinos are beginning to understand the importance of their participation in the United States’ social, legal, and political system.

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