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I've been a Katz all my life, like my father before me, and his father before him. My ancestors are from the Pittsburgh and Wheeling area. Name: Jack Katz Email: [email protected]: June 29, 2002 Time: PM Comments: This is very interesting as well as a great opportunity. Name: Melvyn Katz Email: [email protected]: July 7, 2002 Time: AMKatz is the oldest name in the world. Dan Name: Jon Katz Email: [email protected]: July 8, 2002 Time: AMHi, everyone- Thanks to the site's creator.

I came across it as I was pulling up articles on the Internet regarding my sex offender internet blocking program. Email: [email protected]: September 12, 2002Time: PMHow about an arts section. There are two Louis' at least one morris and one alex in the visual. See my flam shooting pipe organ performance at Name: STEVEN KATZEmail: [email protected] Name: Barbara Katz Email: [email protected]: October 09, 2002Time: PMinteresting. I have also been on several other commissions and boards in Breckenridge, CO. [email protected] Date: March 06, 2003Time: PMDown under Katzies originally from Toronto. Katz & Associates, LLC While most people pronounce Katz as cats the correct pronounciation should be like kates. Name: ruth Email: [email protected]: March 21, 2003Time: PMMy mother's maiden name was Katz.

There is a prominent katz family here in San Antonio, it even includes the Katz Oil Company. Father Sholom, mother Rachel from Slipia/Bogria Poland Brothers Ben, Harold, Percy Sister Helen. What about Katz's Fish Market in Toronto and Katz Street in Penang, Malaysia Name: Marilyn F. The name is from Yiddish or German and there is no "ah" sound as in "cats" in either language. Her name was Anna Katz (Hagen), born March 2, 1910, in Bodenfelde, German and died December 5, 1984 in St. contact me if you need any other information on her. A feamle Katz decendant does reside in Tampa Fla, Ruth Erlich, maiden name Katz.

jus wanted to let everybody know that there is a large katz family in las vegas, nevada Name: Tanja Katz Email: [email protected]: July 3. I've been looking for good images of that store for a long time.

Name: Roberta Katz Deutschman Email: [email protected] Date: July 09, 2002Time: PMso proud to be a Katzela....

Name: Rick Katz Email: [email protected]: June 29, 2002 Time: AM Welcome to KATZ. I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions about the site.

Please come back often to check for new additions to KATZ. Also, please tell your family and friends about KATZ. Name: Eric katz Email: [email protected]: June 29, 2002 Time: PM Comments: Well, all I can say is, it's about time the Katz's finally all came together. Name: Bruce Cotts Email: [email protected]: June 29, 2002 Time: PM Comments: Cotts (formerly Catz and Katz). Katz (cellist, composer, Florence, MA), Miriam Katz Millikin (radio DJ, vocalist, writer, mother of 3). Katz (and he is a psychiatrist, so he's a real "professional therapist"), for taking me on in holy matrimony many long years ago so that I can be a part of this guestbook.Name: John Gregory (Greg) Katz Email: The [email protected]: June 30, 2002 Time: PM Comments: Live in Redondo Beach, CA, 8 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport. Name: Mary Katz Email: [email protected]: July 03, 2002Time: AMHello from the Katz family in Macon, Georgia - the southern branch. Name: brian katz Email: [email protected]: July 03, 2002Time: PMMy mother, also a Katz is also a professor at the university of miami, fl. Name: Dave Katz Email: [email protected]: July 6, 2002 Time: PMI enjoted the part about Phoebe Cates being a Katz the best, of course, that means I shouldn't marry her now, but, at least she wouldn't really have to change her name! (Mindy) Katz Email: [email protected]: July 6, 2002 Time: PMwhat fun!! Name: Gary Stuart Katz Email: [email protected]: July 08, 2002Time: PMGreat website. I especially liked the links and pictures of the Katz drug store.Graduated University of Southern California, 1982, BS in Business Administration. Name: audrey katz Email: [email protected]: July 01, 2002 Time: PM Comments: i was sent this site in my email. Everyone tells me I am in the right job for my name. I married into this distinguished clan, and would like to verify my husband's claim that all Katzes are Cohens (priests) and that Cohens don't do dishes. Katz Email: Steven [email protected]: July 03, 2002Time: PMSpeaking from one Katz to another, I am glad to see that the kitty litter has expanded. my maiden name sure won't ever have any website . I am from Kansas City, but not related to the drug store owners.Stu Katz Name: Sam Katz Email: [email protected] Date: September 06, 2002Time: PMWhat a great site. C., at Westinghouse directed the social and economic development section.... Lisa Name: Lisa Katz Email: [email protected]: October 16, 2002Time: PMMore on my Katz family. He was born in 1925 in Detroit Michigan to Leo Katz and Rose Katz. It's very interesting to see all the people with our last name, and to see what they do for a living. Name: shari Email: Date: March 04, 2003Time: AMi am a future katz, i am marrying one in a few months from now, and i feel so honored. You did neglect to mention that Katz is the oldest surname in the world. Name: Jeri Beth "JB" Katz Email: [email protected]: March 05, 2003Time: PMI am a second term member of the Breckenridge Town Council and the only woman currently on the council.I am the Judge in the 186th District Court, in San Antonio, Texas. I AM AN AUTOMOBILE DEALER IN RHODE ISLAND AND ALSO A MUSICIAN.. I am a member of Who's Who in American Law, although I have stopped practicing.Katz Email: [email protected]: March 10, 2003Time: AMI couldn't sleep, so here I am searching on my name. I am originally from New Jersey and relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Katz Email: [email protected]: March 13, 2003Time: AMKatz rule. I run a business called KAtzy Communications Limited, and I am going to be such a success that you are forced to recognise me on your website. OK, this, and the fact that I want to be able to afford all the donuts in the world. Email: [email protected]: March 16, 2003Time: PMWhat a great site! Come visit me sometime at I'm a Pelham Parkway "Da Bronx" Katz. Name: Tamra Katz Email: [email protected]: March 21, 2003Time: AMWe are Katz's in Colorado, and LOVE to view all things Katz!!! When you can, please check out our family site: a low tech site :) From: Mike, Tami, Janelle, Jason Katz (and dog Marley and cat Sidney Katz)Name: Jerrold Katz Email: [email protected]: March 21, 2003Time: AMYou missed several people:1) Bernard David Katz, Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean at the University of Toronto; 2) Dr. Name: Benjamin S Katz Email: [email protected]: March 22, 2003Time: PMYou sent a letter to Sir Bernard Katz at 21 Hyde Park Square W2 2JR London although he does not reside here. She lives on Bayshore Blvd, Bayshore Diplomat, APt 304.

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