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While knowing your credit rating is an important step towards improving it, it can be just as important to understand exactly how your credit score got where it is.While you may not be able to trace your score back to each and every late payment, understanding more generally how a score is built can keep you from making mistakes in the future.

While the former may only need to establish a strong line of credit, and make payments on time, the latter may require more dramatic action over a longer period of time.

There are, however, actions you can take to rebuild credit, no matter what the state of your credit history.

The first priority for any potential borrower should be improving their credit.

This means evaluating your existing lines of credit, making a plan to repay them on time, even considering debt consolidation.

Frustration doesn't even begin to explain the feeling you get when your adverse credit prevents you from receiving a much-needed loan from the banks.

Pounds to Pocket may be able to help you with our alternative to payday loans for bad credit so that, if you're approved, you can get the money you need for important items or milestones in your life. When deciding whom to lend to, lenders typically use an underwriting model that analyses an applicant's credit history.

These agencies compile relevant credit information from a variety of sources, including the electoral roll, county court judgements and financial institutions.

This information is sold to lenders by the agencies, and used to determine if a potential customer will be granted a loan application or provided with a credit card.

They look at all the assembled information, keying in on the elements that suggest a credit risk - late or missed payments, overages on limits, bankruptcies or house repossessions.

Bad credit can be a scary prospect, and it's one that plenty of Brits face every year.

The contents of these reports are generally consistent for every customer, and include a credit history, any instances wherein your credit has been reviewed, the name of your current account provider, and county court judgements, house repossessions or bankruptcies.

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