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The Session State Module on the other hand manages the ASP.

Although there are advantages of being stateless, some occasions enforce to maintain a state in order to its proper functionality.

For example, consider a user logging into a website.

These logs can be viewed from %TOMCAT_HOME/logs/localhost.$(date)file.

Now you can try to browse to the Login before login.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to create a simple login interface that will maintain a login session.

I am using Intelli J Idea as my IDE and Maven tomcat plugin to deploy the war.You will see that it gets automatically redirected to the login If you examine the logs, you will see the “Unauthorized access request” log message.Whenever a client sends a request, the server will send a cookie containing the required data and the client can send back the cookie with its next request.In session management, Tomcat creates a session id whenever client’s first request gets to the server (However, other servlet containers may behave differently).This will prevent unauthorized users accessing Login Success page while allowing logged users to access.

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