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The self-proclaimed "King of All Media" spent the early part of his youth in the mile square town of Roosevelt, Long Island.Stern's early taste for radio and recording seems to have been inherited from his father, the part-owner of a recording studio who frequently taped his son and daughter on the holidays.A year after his arrival, Stern took the unprecedented step of syndicating his show, allowing him to break into other big markets like Philadelphia, Washington D.

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"I took something so innocent and beautiful and really just ruined it," Stern said.

"My parents weren't privy to the dirty performances.

When the Michigan station changed its format to country and western, Stern fled to Washington, D. In January 1982, following the crashing of an Air Florida flight into the 14th Street Bridge in D. "What's the price of a one-way ticket from National Airport to the 14th Street bridge? But trouble awaited the deejay before he even got behind the microphone, as his new—and apparently nervous—bosses handed the jock a long list of orders.

The list prohibited Stern from using, among other things, "jokes or sketches relating to personal tragedies," as well as "slander, defamation or personal attacks on private individuals or organizations unless they have consented or are a part of the act." At first, the neutered Stern tried to play nice and follow the station's mandates, but within short time the deejay openly went to war against the station.

After his debut program, a broadcast that included a racially charged skit called "Godzilla Goes to Harlem" BU cancelled the show.

It was also at BU that Stern met his future first-wife, Alison Berns, whom Stern had chosen to cast in a student film on transcendental meditation.

In 1969, the Sterns moved to Rockville Centre, a largely white community that seemed completely alien to the 15-year-old high school student.

"It wasn't any better in Rockville Centre," Howard Stern wrote in his 1993 best-selling autobiography, Howard dominated his high school years by staying close with a few buddies, playing poker and ping-pong.

His first gig came at a small radio station in Briarcliff Manor, New York, and it was here that it dawned on Stern that he would forever be relegated to a life of mediocrity if he continued on as a straight deejay. "It was unheard-of to mix talking on the phone with playing music. It was blasphemy." But it was exactly what Stern wanted to do. There, he meet Robin Quivers, a newswoman and former U. Air Force nurse, who became a part of the Stern radio team ever since.

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