Hot random cam 2 cam hook up

I am on Asus router RT-AC87U and experiencing the same constant disconnects with multiple cameras - two are literally next to the router. The unit with sd card is monitoring continuously even though uploads of motion defections fail due to no Wi-Fi Yes, constant disconnects. u/dawg-e , did power cycling your Wyze Cam fix the issue?

This might be a permanent problem so if the camera is still under warranty, you should contact the seller regarding a refund or replacement.

Link to Original Solution & Discussion: Reddit Reason: Micro SD card fills up rather than overwriting the oldest file. If it is enabled try setting up a different loop time. Link to Original Solution & Discussion: Dash Cam Talk Forums Reason: Possibly a firmware bug.

If that doesn’t work there may be an issue with your SD card. Solution: There is no known solution to this problem. Link to Original Solution & Discussion: Dash Cam Talk Forums Reason: Lens need adjustment, wrong exposure values.

Solution: Adjust the camera so that you have about 1/3 sky and 2/3 land on the screen, even if it means that you have the car hood in view.

Only way to solve it is reboot but the issue comes back again. As for the Asus router issue, I sent a link to this thread to the tech support team.

This feedback is valuable and we're going to look at this and keep working.

Side note, support also suggested that there are no security risks to opening up all the ports.

That’s when I decided the product/organization wasn’t mature enough yet.

I do specifically disable all port forwards so just for giggles i decided to enable to connect but still no luck.

i even updated to beta firmware on my router to no avail.

Unfortunately for them, I dabble in software security.

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