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A lantern slide collection includes all botanical and horticultural subjects, and about 2,500 35mm slides show views at the Arnold Arboretum and plants and views at other arboreta and botanic gardens.

The Arnold Arboretum's collection of botanical and cultural images of Eastern Asia, consisting of 4,636 images taken between 1907 - 1927 have been digitized and are available on VIA.

Photographs are kept in separate boxes but arranged with manuscript collections or institutional or organizational archives of which they are a part.

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The Industrial Photograph Collection and the General File photographs are arranged by industry category and number.

Portraits are arranged alphabetically and geographic locations are arranged alphabetically by country, then city or state.

Various Business Manuscripts Collections also contain significant photographic material.

Photographic collections are arranged by discrete collection name.

Search for "Living Collections" and limit repository to Arnold Arboretum Horticulture Library.

Historic collection by genera, species, location; views collection, alphabetically by location; Arnold Arboretum slides, alphabetically by genera and/or subject; portraits, alphabetically; arboreta, gardens, and parks by state or country; lantern slides by family, genera, species; 35mm slides by genera.The historic collection has about 15,000 prints of living plants from all over the world, ca. The contemporary collection also includes images of individual taxa, including about 5,000 prints of plants in their native habitats as well as images of plants growing in the Arboretum and views of specific collections. and foreign arboreta, gardens, and parks date from 1890-1940. S., particularly habitat images of yucca plants; the 500 images in the Herbert W.People, events, and customs are depicted in many of the landscapes, among them China, Tibet, Australia, Japan, India, Turkey, Cuba, and England. Gleason collection of Arboretum genera and views from 1924-1933; the Frank Meyer collection, 1905-1916, of 1,500 images of agricultural techniques in China, Korea, Siberia, and Turkestan; plant explorer Ernest Henry Wilson's approximately 7,700 images, primarily from East Asia, of collecting expeditions in 1907 - 1922; the plant explorer Joseph Rock's 650 images mounted on boards and 400 images of flora in Burma, China, France, and Hawaii in albums.Photographs depict the evolution of the family property from a working farm to a historic house museum.Included are photographs of objects and monuments relating to the Ward family.April 15-Nov 30 (Wed 10-12, 1-5, Thu 10-12, 1-5, Fr 10-12, 1-5, Sat 10-12, 1-5, or by appointment). Please call in advance; photograph collections may not be accessible at all hours.

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