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Such paintings were for the donor’s personal use in his home or travels.Most of Memling’s patrons were those associated with religious houses, such as the Hospital of St.

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He also imitated Rogier’s compositions in numerous representations of the half-length Madonna and Child, often including a pendant with the devotional diptychs (two-panel paintings) such as this were painted in 15th-century Flanders.

They consist of a portrait of the “donor”—or patron—in one panel, reverently gazing at the Madonna and Child in the other.

In Memling’s large triptych (a painting in three panels, generally hinged together) of the Columba Altarpiece (1460–64), is especially noticeable.

Some scholars believe that Memling himself may have had a hand in the production of this late work while still in Rogier’s studio.

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