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I read that these models were available in mahogany and maple, and I think mine has a maple top, but I’m not sure.

It has a beautiful sunburst finish and I love this guitar—I’m just hoping to get more information on it and the company.

With the use of the serial numbers in the book, one can establish the year of production and any other questions about the manufacturing of the guitar.

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With the introduction of their pioneering “H” Expander-Stretcher truss rod, Hagstrom was also known for innovation.

This was further evidenced with the Swede Patch 2000—the first guitar with a built-in synthesizer—and the Hagstrom H8, an 8-string bass with four sets of string pairs.

Initially, Hagstrom guitars were visibly influenced by the pearloid finish of the accordions the company produced for so many years, but their guitars became more traditional-looking as time progressed.

A good example is the James D’Aquisto-designed Hagstrom Jimmy, released in 1969.

Unlike the many other guitar manufacturers that moved production to Asia in the 1970s, Hagstrom continued to produce their guitars in Sweden.

By 1983, however, they could no longer compete with all the Asian-made guitars on the market, so Hagstrom experimented with having a few prototype instruments built in Japan.Since the Super Swede was only produced for about five years, it is certainly one of the more rare Hagstrom guitars out there. Fjestad has been evaluating and appraising guitars for over 20 years.For more information, email Zachary at [email protected] were lesbians used for most Recent guitars and hagstrom serial number dating, we know that trying relate sequences are unique to a few model or a small of models of years.Hagstrom distribution Hagstrom pictures were printed in the U.There are sites for Hagstrom information out there, but the Super Swede is not mentioned as much as the company’s surf-style guitars that were produced earlier. Leonard in Vancouver, British Columbia Hi Leonard, Let’s begin with a little history.

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