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After Installing SQL Server 2008 Installation Process you must have noticed how different SQL Server 2008 installation is from its previous versions.Now, we will be installing SQL Server 2008 on a Windows Server 2008 Cluster.

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This allows you to have 16 Exabytes for a partition.

Another has been the use of directly attached SCSI storage.

Now that both SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 are out in the market for quite some time, it would be a must to prepare ourselves to be able to setup and deploy a clustered environment running both.

Installing SQL Server on a stand-alone server or member server in the domain is pretty straight-forward.

Windows Server 2008 comes with i SCSI Initiator software that enables connection of a Windows host to an external i SCSI storage array using network adapters.

This differs from previous versions of Microsoft Windows where you need to download and install this software prior to connecting to an i SCSI storage.

This is pretty straight-forward and does not even require any product key or activation.

Evaluation period runs for 60 days and can be extended up to 240 days so you have more than enough time to play around with it.

If you decide to use i SCSI as your shared storage in a production environment, a dedicated network should be used so as to isolate it from all other network traffic.

This also means having a dedicated network card on your cluster nodes to access the i SCSI storage.

In preparation for running SQL Server 2008 on this cluster, I recommend creating at least 4 disks – one for the quorum disk, one for MSDTC, one for the SQL Server system databases and one for the user databases.

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