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Generally in our work over the internet we need strong and reliable partners to lean on – like the mail service we commit out link with the world, the news sites we trust to let us know what’s important or the cloud platforms to take care of our precious files and projects.

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Make sure to read the whole email since along with the password it also contains some useful information to help you get started even faster.

After reading the email just copy your password and paste it in.

Picking your username do have in mind it will also be the name displaying in your Git Hub pages domain afterwards like: By this time you should have received a confirmation email asking you to verify your email address – just click on the link and you’re all set up with your new fast and secure free hosting solution.

Now for the fun part – let’s get you packed up with the powerful tool for creating your web pages just like typing in your text editor.

And with the help of the intuitive and easy to use Mobirise Web Page Builder creating great looking mobile friendly web pages and publishing them to the Git Hub free hosting gets almost instantly without the need of knowing anything about code.

So basically in order to show your content to the world you need to take just a few simple steps: Go straight to https://github.com/ and enter your preferred details picking up a username and filling in your email and password.

This repository must be named after the account name.

For example, @mojombo’s user page repository has the name (unless a custom domain is specified).

If all else fails, you should contact Git Hub Support. However, the subdirectory-like URL structure Git Hub uses for Project Pages complicates the proper resolution of URLs.

In order to assure your site builds properly, use the handy URL filters: branch all the URLs will resolve properly.

Any block can be just dragged at a different place any time you decide it should be.

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