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With fiery red hair and personalities to match, gingers certainly make for an interesting dates, and if you like excitement in your life, they’re the perfect partner for you. The guys over at uk have compiled a list of ten reasons why you NEED some fire in your life: 1. Gingers’ stunning red hair stands out from crowds full of all the boring brunettes and blondes out there.

It’s rare and therefore superior.” –Augusten Burroughs Augusten is positively correct. Their fiery red hair will be a beacon in the masses and you can therefore pinpoint them easily.2. ) But you seriously step up the game when you pull the “Ginger card.” Your significant other is like none other.

So here are ten reasons why you, too, should date a ginger.1. Well, you would not have this problem if you dated a ginger.

The film maker's journey takes us to Scotland, the Netherlands and the United States in a narrative style that also includes animation features.

The film maker participated in a large gathering of redheads in the Netherlands where an early version of Being Ginger was screened, and the post screening interaction with the audience as well as his conversations with other redheads was filmed and added to Being Ginger, which provided more depth to his journey.

It’s less than a month until Australia’s only Ginger Price Rally hits Melbourne – and this year there’s Ginger Speed Dating!

April 29 will see redheads, rangas and gingers from across Melbourne unite to celebrate their unique hue.Redhead Dates is a new dating website that’s all about redheads. But hey, it’s nice to feel like you’ve got a special place to find new people to date.It claims to have more ginger singles than any other online dating site, and can be used to find love in the UK, Ireland, the U. I’ll be waiting for a dating app for awkward brunettes who are scared of being murdered by their Tinder dates. Whether your significant other is a male or a female, science has proven redheads have a fiery, feisty personality.This makes relationships passionate and bold, much like the hair atop your partner’s head.Our massive database of photo profiles and powerful search tools means you’re sure to find that special ginger or flame-haired person - or even a friend to simply hang out with.

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