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It's like his mind is constantly working on a plan to serve his immediate needs.

The new record low average of 21 years, 115 days smashed the previous mark of 21 years, 284 days set by D. United in 2000.) Real, a Drexel Hill native, is the youngest player on the Union’s back line at 18.

He knows he’s part of a soccer science project, and is impressively self-aware about his game.

By contrast, on the right flank, Keegan Rosenberry can go forth knowing Alejandro Bedoya will do the dirty work behind him.

Picault also gets stuck in from time to time, and has the pace to cover lots of ground in a hurry. It’s standard in a tactical playbook for a winger to drop deep when a defender goes forward.

I really like him but I see red flags here and there.

Some of his behavior seems closer to that of a Cuban in Cuba even though he has been in USA for more than ten years.

The Ghanaian does that, but when he moves centrally, it can take longer to get back. They clearly aren’t done yet, but there have been good signs — such as when they combined for a pretty goal in a preseason game against Montreal.

“When [Accam] does push into the middle, it leaves a lot of space for me on the outside …

Is this just him and his own flaws or can we say there is a pattern on Cuban exiles that I should watch out for?

Comments by Vic webmaster The jinetero's are only a small part of the Cubans, who have contact with the foreigners.

Is it possible that some of the values and attitudes from the tough times in Cuba are still entrenched on him?

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