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This opening plenary will set the stage for the day of discussions on energy by examining critical issues including: – shifting energy supply and demand trends over the last decade; – the role of government and implications of various policy choices; – geopolitical shifts and trends in international trade; – increased domestic oil and natural gas production and implications on energy security The U. has shifted from an energy-dependent importer to one of the world’s top producers of oil and gas. Use of sustainable energy sources bypasses the requirement for complex infrastructure for installation and operation.

Furthermore, these new business models and a change in consumer needs, present new policy implications.

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Digitalization is continuously improving the accessibility, safety, production, and sustainability of energy sources.

As an early adopter of digital technology dating back to the 1970s, the energy industry has been a veteran leader at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

California is home to one of the largest Latino populations in the country, and is a powerhouse for energy innovation – presenting an opportunity to share the availability and benefits of renewable energy sources.

This session will examine the sources and trends in renewable energy including: wind, solar and hydroelectric energy.

I started with the Phillies’ game at Houston on September 16.

They went into this game with a comfortable lead of 6 games, with 17 left on the schedule.

But they do not consider some other decisions made by Mauch that might have cost the Phillies some games during those critical weeks.

After a comprehensive play-by-play analysis from the game logs posted at Baseball-Reference and made available through the painstaking efforts of Retrosheet researchers, I believe there were at least six critical decisions Mauch made, other than those affecting how he used Bunning and Short in the final two weeks, that backfired to upend Philadelphia’s pennant dream.

This was the first of three September starts that Bunning made on only two days’ rest.

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