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However, the category also included Viagra or Cialis use, which was highest among the eldest group (22 percent).

Alcohol use decreased with age, from 14 percent of the youngest group to only six percent of the oldest group.

Differences in sexual attitudes were the most pronounced between the youngest and oldest groups.

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High-risk sexual activity appeared to produce the most consistent results across all age groups.

The majority of all age groups reported using a condom with sexual partners whose HIV status was unknown, ranging from 73 to 78 percent.

The youngest group reported 57 percent having sex with partners the same age and 39 percent having sex with a guy over five years older.

Meanwhile, 67 percent of the oldest group had sex with men more than five years younger and 28 percent around the same age.

Topping was highest amongst Generation Safe Sex (35 to 44; 38 percent).

This age group and Generation Gay Pride (45 to 59) also reported the least bottoming (44 percent).

Older generations had larger numbers of respondents who never came out (the eldest group had 40 percent whereas the youngest group had 21 percent) or came out later in life, and also tended to have their first sexual experience with another man later in life (often during more liberal time periods).

The study notes that "the greater presence of bisexual men in the older cohorts may be affecting proportions due to a strong pattern of concealing their sexuality".

Older men also reported more bathhouse or outdoor cruising (10 and 7 percent respectively for the eldest group) compared to the youngest group (one percent for both).

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